Is Ryan Reynolds Coming in Stranger Things Season 5? Shawn Levy Teased about 5th Season

Stranger things have just released in season 4 and people are going mad over it. The show has a great story, great performances by actors and not to forget a great star cast. Moreover, there is news that there may be a new addition to the English web series’s star cast probably in the next season. Who will be included? Who hinted at this? Maybe it’s Ryan Reynolds. The article will discuss.


The star cast.

Stranger things have always boasted about its famous star cast but no one has ever imagined anything

On the scale of Ryan Reynold. There’s Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Matthew Modine, and that’s before we mention Paul Reiser and The Goonies legend Sean Astin, whose character sadly died in Season 2. The producer Shawn Levy has hinted us a possible cameo of the star in the next season of Stranger th ings


Relation between Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds

Levy is a producer in Hollywood who is one of the most trusted and famous names in the industry. However, Levy has stated that the major share of his popularity comes from the web series Stranger things and his inclusion of the  American actor. Also, they recently collaborated on The Adam Project which aired on Netflix. Before working together on Free Guy. The duo will reunite for Deadpool. Levy will himself direct the highly anticipated movie.

Ryan Reynolds
Image: Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy(Credit: AP)

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His statement

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Levy said: “I want to see a Ryan Reynolds cameo in anything.

“The truth is, my career over the p ast half-decade has been defined by Stranger Things

and my collaborations with Ryan, so it would be deeply trippy but satisfying to see my two worlds collide. So, Ryan Reynolds, get ready for Season 5.”

Levy continued: “I’ll just tell you that we are hard at work on Volume 2. There’s so much being written as far as the runtimes of these episodes, and the hefty runtime of Episode 9, in particular.

“Having seen both those finale episodes, they are as emotional as they are cinematic. Holy s**t, they are definitely a treat for the eyes, but they punch you right in the heart. So, that’s what I’ll say about that.”

With regards to the fifth season, “sticking the landing” has been a priority for Levy and the Duffer brothers. “We have phenomenal ideas for Season 5, and we don’t want to stick around past the point where we see our path with clarity and confidence. So, season five will no doubt be epic,” he said.


With this statement, it is quite evident that he is ready to approach his very good old friend to be a part of the famous series and the wait has begun.

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