Is Santan Dave Dead? Social Media Rumors Debunked

Reports of David Santan Dave’s death are circulating online. These reports are far from the truth, but then why are they being spread? Read on to find out.


False Reports of Santan Dave’s Death And Disproving Them

David Orobosa Omoregi is currently one of the most acclaimed British rappers. The 24-year-old rapper enjoys worldwide popularity and has several hit songs under his name.

On Tuesday 5th of July, reports declared rapper Santan Dave dead. They also claimed that he died after getting stabbed on his birthday.

Headlines such as: “Was David Orobosa Omoregie Aka Santan Dave Stabbed On His Birthday? What Happened And Where Is The Rapper Now?”

and “Santan Dave Stabbed On His Birthday Party- Is He Dead Or Still Alive?” started going around.

However, it turns out fake news websites were behind writing and circulating these false pieces. Santan Dave is definitely not dead and there is concrete evidence to support this statement.

For instance, Dave was active on Instagram just the day before. He posted a photo of himself in London, posing in front of a bus. He even posted a photo on Twitter 12 hours ago, proving these reports to be false claims.

Also, his birthday is celebrated on the 5th of June and not July, providing further disproving the claims.

It would appear Santan is another victim of the appalling trend of celebrity death hoaxes.

Some Fans Fall Prey To The False News

While the rapper may be alive, some people who had not looked into the news, ended up believing it.

Here are some reactions of the fans who believed him dead-

Others who had looked into the situation or seen his updates remained unfazed, asking people to stop spreading lies. Here are some records of their reactions, discouraging the spread of this fake news-

 “you lot need to stop saying Santan Dave is dead he cannot be”

 “If you think Dave is dead you’re dumb.”

“There’s no way Dave is dead,”

 “Dave ain’t dead private stories need to chill.”

This is not the first case of a celebrity death hoax scare online. Many people and celebrities have fallen prey to such fake pieces before.


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Celebrity Death Hoaxes

For example, earlier this week, people began spreading that YouTuber Nikocado Avocado was dead when he was not. And in 2022, Playboy Carti and Jacki Chan also had such rumors spread about them.

Death hoaxes are actually a common occurrence online. It is an unethical method used to troll internet users with misinformation. However, it is taking trolling one step too far by involving life and death.

With the increasing number of internet users worldwide and the advent of the digital age, misinformation continues to be a serious problem.


So in conclusion, Santan Dave is in good health and set to perform at the Wireless festival in Birmingham on July 8th.

Santan Dave (Credit: James McCauley/REX)

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