Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Dead? Rumors After Thyroid Cancer Surgery Debunked

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got a procedure to remove her thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes. Also, her surgery went successful and she is not dead.

Let’s explore more about the surgery and false death rumors.


Sanders’s Death Rumors Debunked after Successful Surgery

On Friday, Sanders, 42, revealed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders went through an operation to eliminate her thyroid and nearby lymph nodes. Her surgery went positive and finally, she got rid of cancer.

Sarah shows kindness to the medical staff in Arkansas for their care. Further, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is ready to resume her quest for governor of Arkansas.

As per Sarah, “This experience has been a reminder that whatever battle you may be facing, don’t lose heart.” “As governor, I will never quit fighting for the people of our great state.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is recuperating from an operation, according to Dr. John R. Sims. She will be ready to stand up again on the following day.

The doctor emphasizes that her initial stage malignancy has a favorable prognosis. Also, it is the most typical form of thyroid cancer.

As per Dr. John, “While she will need adjuvant treatment with radioactive iodine, as well as the continued long-term follow-up, I think it’s fair to say she’s now cancer free, and I don’t anticipate any of this slowing her down.”

Arkansas Response to Sarah’s Cancer

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got to know about her cancer through screening this month. Finally, she is perfectly fine after successful surgery.


 Several republican figures and even some rivals show their love and support for Sanders.

Spokesperson Bruce Westerman, and Arkansas’s attorney general Leslie Rutledge show their assistance. Senators John Boozman, Tom Cotton, Governor Asa Hutchinson, and other prominent political figures in Arkansas show their love for Sanders.

Additionally, Chris Jones and Ricky Harrington, her rivals in the November election, sent their love and prayers to her.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Republican Quest

Sanders is the previous press secretary for Donald Trump and the current Republican candidate for the governorship of Arkansas. Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed on Friday that she was “cancer-free” following thyroid cancer surgery.

Sanders easily won the Arkansas Primary election in May of this year. She replaced Asa Hutchinson, a more moderate member of Trump’s GOP, as governor the following year.

In November, she will compete against Chris Jones, a Democrat. Arkansas is a “solid Republican” state according to all significant poll and projection websites.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Mike Huckabee, the father of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, two times seek the Republican presidential candidacy from the Christian right. He did it while serving as governor of Arkansas.

Sean Spicer, the group strategist who did serve in the position unsuccessfully, left. His daughter took over as Donald Trump’s second press secretary in the White House.

Media Coverage of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Republican Journey

White House press conferences under Sanders began adversarially. It then became less frequent as Trump tried to avoid what he saw to be negative press coverage.

As per Guardian, after she departed from the White House in the year 2019, she “provided stability after Spicer’s series of wayward gaffes and, unlike other Trump officials, stayed in his good graces with her unswerving, often ostentatious shows of loyalty.”


Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke to the Christian television network CBN that God “wanted Donald Trump to become president”.

Robert Mueller’s findings on Russian election tampering and connections involving Trump and Moscow include Sanders. The special counsel has disproven her claim that “the rank and file of the FBI had lost confidence in their director.”

Following exiting Trump’s service, Sanders turned her attention to Arkansas politics. She published Speaking for Myself, a usually devoted memoir, in September 2020.

The book did include several other tales regarding her work experience for Trump, including the odd possibly humiliating tale.

Sanders claimed that in one of these passages, Trump made fun of her for “tak[ing] one for the team]”. It was after Kim Jong-un, the ruler of North Korea, seemed to take a shine on her during summit discussions.

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