Is Suki Waterhouse, Girlfriend of Robert Pattinson Pregnant? Rumors & The Truth Explored

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse want to keep their personal lives a secret from the public eye. However, there are widespread predictions that the supermodel and singer may get pregnant in 2022. The pair have been dating for more than three years. However, unlike many other A-list couples, they are not publicly displaying their affection for one another.


Who is Suki Waterhouse?

However, after a bit of investigation, we have determined that every one of those rumors is erroneous and untrue. If you were concerned that Suki Waterhouse could be carrying Pattinson’s child, you might put your fears to rest — she is not!

We’re sad to have to inform you that, once again, rumors circulating on the internet seem to be pointing in the direction of Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse possibly being pregnant. After all, there is no shortage of gossip about the love lives of celebrities, and this is no exception.


The personality of one, in particular, seemed to have taken on a whole lifespan of its own.

Is Suki Waterhouse pregnant?

Suki Waterhouse is not expecting a child at this time. The model’s most recent Instagram image, in which she is shown in a baggy sweatshirt. It has sparked pregnancy speculations among her followers. Fans quickly concluded that she was concealing a growing pregnancy.

These are just speculative assertions that are not supported by any evidence. Robert and Suki do not indicate that they want to have a family together.

HITC has contacted Suki for comment on all of the speculations surrounding her. The author, however, has not yet received a response as of the publication of this piece.

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Suki Waterhouse Pregnancy Rumors

Her absence from the public and her lack of recent sightings with Rob Pattinson

made this a surprise. When the globe is speculating about who Pattinson’s girlfriend is, some internet users think that she may be expecting a child in 2022.

However, after much research, it has been determined that Suki will not be pregnant within the next two years. It has proven false. Despite this, the allegations continue to circulate since Pattinson has made no formal statement. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the conjecture and gossip until Pattinson chooses to address the allegations directly.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson on his relationship with his girlfriend

In an interview with GQ, the Batman actor revealed some details about his relationship with Suki. Even though he did not share much, he spoke enough to let one understand how compatible the two are as a couple.

He said he altered his interview site from the London Zoo to Holland Park since his partner informed him that “people don’t enjoy zoos.” Furthermore, he revealed to Jimmy Kimmel

that Suki became upset when seeing his recent flick.

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