Is Tristan Thompson Dating Someone Else Amid Khloé Kardashian Baby News?

Looks like Tristan Thompson is making extra efforts to live up to his reputation of Tristan “Third Trimester” Thompson. When he should be present by Khloé’s side, to welcome their incoming child, he is allegedly indulging in PDA with an unknown girl in Greece.


Mystery girl with Tristan Thompson

A video is being circulated on social media, where Tristan is seen holding hands with a girl clad in an orange-white patterned calf-length bodycon dress. Tristan, himself, is wearing a floral shirt, black trousers, and white sneakers. The date and time of the footage are said to be 5 AM on July 17, 2022. Earlier that night, Tristan had hanged out in a club called the Bonbonniere. He might have met that woman there. He was reportedly present in the same club on Friday surrounded by many women and enjoying hookah.

Previously this week, videos surfaced in which Tristan was strolling on the streets of Mykonos, Greece, and enjoying the Nusret Gökçe’s steaks. He also attended the Wireless festival in London. As per reports, Tristan allegedly hung out with Justin Combs and even Kanye West’s ex Chaney Jones.


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Tristan and Controversies

Looks like Tristan knows how to stay in news or wherever he goes drama follows. Tristan and Khloé were already in a rocky relationship. As per reports, the couple hasn’t talked to each other since December 2021 apart from co-parenting matters. The duo welcomed their daughter True Thompson in 2018. They conceived their second kid by the means of surrogacy, last November. In the early months of pregnancy, Khloé came to know about Tristan’s paternity scandal.

Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson (Credit: Getty Images)

A gym trainer Maralee Nichols filed a paternity suit against Tristan. She alleged that Tristan is the father of her son, Theo born in December 2021. Later, Tristan accepted that he has fathered a child with Maralee while dating Khloé. He issued a public apology to Khloé after that taking a responsibility for his actions. Apart from True, and Theo, Tristan also has a son named Prince Thompson with his ex Jordan Craig.

But this wasn’t the first time he cheated on her. He had also cheated on Khloé with Kylie Jenner‘s friend Jordyn Woods. Apart from that, he has been in several inappropriate relationships with women during his on and off relationship with Khloé.

Fans criticizing Tristan Thompson all over Social media

After his partying spree in Greece, now walking and holding hands with another girl, while his ex is going to welcome their child is just next level. Fans are bashing him while some are making jokes about the situation.


One Twitter user commented, quote, “Tristan Thompson is legitimately one of the most consistent men on planet Earth,” clearly indicating his track record with women. Another user wrote, “That man won’t change for nothing.” Some users empathized with Khloé who is clearly handling it all alone.

While some fans have been demanding answers from the mystery girl seen in the video footage. A user wrote, quote, “If you are a woman on this Earth giving Tristan Thompson the time of day, you should be embarrassed,” Users mocked Thompson for being “better at cheating than playing basketball.”


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