Jacqueline Trumbull Canceled Her Wedding to Paul Seli: What is The Reason?

Jacqueline Trumbull revealed on Wednesday that she had canceled Her Wedding to Paul Seli, which was scheduled to take place in Lisbon. She said on Instagram, with a series of images of herself with pals,

“A deep thank you to all my wonderful friends and family — and even my advisor! — for coming out to Portugal even though I chose to not get married and end my relationship.”

While she considered it a “troublesome time,” she added:

“Almost all my wedding guests came out and showered me with love and support. It was an incredibly moving week. It was also beautiful to see all these people I’d known separately fall in love with each other. I have the most brilliant, funny, thoughtful friends and family who made what could have been a terrible memory into one of love and joy.”


Meet Bachelor alum: Jacqueline Trumbull

Jacqueline Trumbull was born on June 13, 1991. As of now, she is 31 years old. Her native place is Morgantown, West Virginia. Moreover, Jacqueline was a challenger on the 22nd season of The Bachelor.


Jacqueline Trumbull quit in week 7 in the spotlight to chip away at her graduate degree. Moreover, She works in a psychiatric research laboratory. She returned for the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise. Jacqueline is eliminated in week 2.

Jacqueline dated Paul Seli. Their engagement took place in December 2021.

Here is the Instagram Handle of Jacqueline Trumbull

click here to visit the Official Instagram handle of Bachelor alum: Jacqueline Trumbull

Meet Bachelor alum Jacqueline Trumbull’s ex-fiancé: Paul Seli

Paul Seli worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University for three years, from 2015 to 2018, before beginning his position as an assistant professor at Duke University in 2018.

After she appeared on Arie Luyendyk’s season of ABC’s The Bachelor, As a result, he fell in love with Jacquline.

However, After two years of dating, the West Virginia native declared her engagement to him.

Moreover, Paul Seli has received honors and great education throughout his career.

Certainly, He studied psychology for his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from 2006 to 2010, and from 2010 to 2015, he attended the University of Waterloo for his Master’s and Ph.D. programs in cognitive neuroscience.

Jacqueline Trumbull and Paul Seli
Paul Seli (From: Instagram/paul.seli.art)

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Dive into the Instagram Handle of Paul Seli

Here you can find the official Instagram handle of Paul Seli.

Reason Behind Jacqueline Trumbull Calling off her wedding to Paul Seli

While the former reality star remained mum about the important choice she made to call off the wedding, she did share more in an interview with US Weekly. Saying

“irresolvable incompatibilities”

Moreover, Jacqueline Trumbull also added :

“I realized we had irresolvable incompatibilities. I love him and want him to find happiness with someone who is more right for him. Much of our relationship was wonderful and I will always be rooting for him on the sidelines,” 


These are the reasons behind Jacqueline Trumbull Calling off her wedding to Paul Seli.

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