Jake Paul Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather And Break His Undefeated Record

Professional Boxer and Bizaardvark fame Jake Paul are challenging Undefeated Champ Floyd Mayweather to clash horns with each other.

Paul is letting people know that he wants to fight the Boxing Icon and break his Undefeated record of 50-0 by defeating him in a match.

Things became more heated when Mayweather clapped back and accepted the fight challenge on one condition.


Jake Paul Wants To Fight Boxing Icon Floyd Mayweather

American Boxer Jake Paul is all set for his next fight with Anderson Silva scheduled for October end. However, seems like the boxer has some other manifestations along with MMA Legend.

Ex-Youtuber and Present Boxer wants to fight the big names in the industry and is quite vocal about it. Paul is eyeing on Floyd ‘Money’ Maywea ther and wishes to break his groundbreaking record.


However, he has certain conditions about it too. Jake doesn’t want the match to be an exhibition. Moreover, Floyd is going to have a match with Deji scheduled in November in Dubai.

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Jake Paul Challenges Floyd Mayweather’s Undefeated Record

The boxing celebrity in an exclusive interview with MMA Fighting expressed his eagerness for the battle to happen. Moreover, he wants it to be a high-stakes fight.

“I think he would [fight me] if it was an exhibition for sure. The thing is I want it to be a real pro bout and take his undefeated record, which I don’t think he’ll risk.”

Paul has a clear vision that there is a higher possibility of a fight between him and Floyd Mayweather. He expressed a desire to have a pro-bout than an exhibition because that would make the fight three times bigger than usual.

In 2017, Mayweather earned his 50 winning streak by defeating MMA champion Conor McGregor. Presently, he has retired from professional boxing but partakes in exhibition fights.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul (Credit: Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather’s Reply To Jake Paul

Although the two boxers are different in their weight classes, still Paul wishes to fight him.

Floyd Mayweather agrees to fight the Boxer but has one condition with it. Mayweather says if Jake Paul shed some weight and matches his, he will consider the fight. After this, Paul replied back stirring controversy.

“My brother took you the distance. I would finish you in 6.”

He further added that he will send the Boxing Legend to a proper retirement.

Therefore, the fight between the two would surely be an interesting affair, especially looking at the escalated tension through these vociferous Tweets.


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