Jang Sung-rak, Solo Leveling’s Dubu Died And Tributes Flood Social Media

Redice Studio reported today that Jang Sung-rak, of Solo Leveling renown and an anime webtoon artist, passed away as a result of a brain hemorrhage (Monday, 25 July 2022).

Chugong’s Solo Leveling, a South Korean web novel, was illustrated by him.

The series’ title can also be translated as Only I Level Up. The illustrator, Jang Sung-rak, used the pen name Dubu.


Who Is Jang Sung-rak? 

The founding member of the alleged Redice Studio was Jang Sung Rak. As an illustrator, he was known just as “Dubu.”

He dealt with Mookhyang: The Origin, The Worn and Torn Newbie, The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years, and Solo Leveling. These helped give Redice a family name.

Additionally, Sung Rak collaborated with many other well-known musicians. Serialization of Solo Leveling started in 2016 and ended in 2018. 270 portions are collected into 14 books.

However, The Solo Leveling Webtoon ended in December 2021 after 179 episodes.

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Here is the obituary the Redice studio shared

This morning (July 25, 2022), Redice Studio announced the passing of the artist known as Dubu via Twitter.

Find the Hangul version of the studio’s shared obituary below (in the Korean alphabet).

According to Google Translate, the document’s meaning can be roughly summarised as follows.

Jang Sung-rak, the illustrator of the anime online novel series Solo Leveling, “suddenly fell from severe health” on July 25, 2022.

More about Solo Leveling novel

Gamers’ braves outlined in December 2021 that Solo Leveling’s narrative would come to an end on the second-to-last day of the year.

Certainly, It began in March 2018 and ended after 179 chapters, almost three years later.

The publication stated at the time that there had been a “hankering” among fans for an anime adaptation of the narrative for “at least two solid years.”

Jang Sung-rak
Solo Leveling

Despite “real teasers” being “scarce at best,” plans have also been made for a game, film, and drama adaptation.

Therefore, the fact that dubu won’t be present to see the development of his work in the future is “regrettable”. The same publication said in response to the Solo Leveling artist’s passing.

What was Dubu’s cause of death?

According to One Sports, the Solo Leveling artist passed away following a brain hemorrhage while battling a long-term illness.

The same is reported by Anime Corner. He reportedly suffered from a chronic, terminal condition, and his health “suddenly deteriorated.”

Numerous admirers of Solo Leveling and Dubu’s other Redice projects have paid respect to the Jang Sung-rak on Twitter

One expressed gratitude for his “such iconic manhwa.” Manhwa, a broad term for comics and print cartoons in Korean, is frequently used to refer to South Korean comics.

Additionally, The fan explains that “Solo Leveling introduced many to this medium.”

One individual calls his Solo Leveling work a “masterpiece”. While another calls it “one of the most beautiful works of literature ever.”

I wish you peace and know that even when you are gone, you will never be forgotten.


A fan, @Matterzero_, expresses: ‘Find happiness in the hereafter Solo Leveling’s craft was stunning without his wonderfully drawn workmanship. I wouldn’t have delighted in performance evening out as much RIP #sololeveling.’

Additionally, A devastated fan, @RyloKen67, has tweeted:’ I feel horrendous for not perusing Solo Leveling sooner. Rest In Peace to Jang Seong-rak, the fiendishly skilled craftsman of Solo Leveling.’

About the funeral of Jang Sung-rak

The funeral for Jang Sung-rak will be held “in accordance with the desires of the grieving family,” according to the Redice obituary. Also, only close friends and relatives of the Solo Leveling artist will be permitted to attend.

Certainly, it seems that his health had been a problem for some time. Also, fans of his paintings were wishing Jang Sung-rak a fast recovery as long ago as June 2021.


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