Jason Momoa Expresses His Desire to Play The Character Lobo of DC Universe

Jason Momoa is desiring to play the role of the character Lobo of DC Universe, well fans have tons of questions about his expression now. Let us take a look at this article to get major insights.


Jason Momoa expresses his desire to play the character Lobo of DC Universe

Jason Momoa, the American actor is currently in news right now as he expresses his desire to play the character Lobo of DC Universe, which has so far driven people crazy.

Recently while promoting his new film Slumberland on Netflix, the actor shared his excitement for Warner Bros’ new project.

Since James Gunn and Peter Safran take over the Warner Bros Discovery DC Films division, therefore as per reports, they are working on a new project which involves the DC character Lobo.

Therefore following the announcement as the head of DC Studios, James Gunn took on his social media page

and shared an image of Lobo with the caption “Glad to be there”.

Thus Jason has now expressed his desire to play the Lobo character. However, as per reports, it can be a possible return to the DC Extended Universe for the actor but as a new character.

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Could Jason be playing Lobo in the DC Universe Future?

Since neither the actor nor Warner Bros. has made any official announcements on who could be playing Lobo’s character, it is now unofficially unknown if the actor will be portraying the DC character Lobo.

Although Jason has expressed his strong desire to play the Lobo character, it is presently unknown whether would he be playing that character and making his arrival in the DC Universe Future or not.

Therefore, Warner Bros also did not make any official announcement of the choosing actor for their new Lobo project and with that Jason’s desires and excitement for the Lobo character is very much high, we can say that nonetheless, his arrival would be his possible return in the DC Universe.

Who is the character Lobo of DC Universe?


Lobo is actually a fictional character appearing in DC comic books. Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, Lobo is actually an alien who works as a bounty hunter.

He resembles a big, blue-skinned guy who leans more toward the devilish.

Thus, Lobo was first presented as a villain, but, after the writer failed to include him, the character later returned as a bounty hunter.

The character’s increased popularity in DC Comics Stories as a result of being received favourably by fans as a villain-like character, as well as the fact that his character is now incorporated into bigger projects, has raised the stakes for DC fans.


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