Jay Du Temple’ New Look in A Show Surprises Fans

The new look of Jay Du Temple surprises at first sight. It’s a change from the stubble he wore at the OD Animation Out West last fall.

Recently, Jay Du Temple made some editions to publish the dates of his next shows, which are now, unfortunately, all sold out.

On one of them, we could see him with a well-assumed moustache and seldom longer hair. Sporting a slightly holey Christina Aguilera T-shirt, Jay stuns with his new moustache and freshly shaved bleached haircut!

“I’ve constantly been outfitted very lightly on stage because I moved around a lot,” clarifies the thirty-year-old artist, whom he met in a downtown c afé a few days later.


Jay Du Temple is currently running for his new show, in which he talks about more intimate things also. Look for something real, not something funny. It is by preparing this clause his slogan that Jay Du Temple is nowadays organizing his second show, in an occasionally radically intimate expression, which he will premiere at Zoofest.

Jay Du Temple is taking advantage of the summer season to break in his brand new show! By the way, the comedian and popular host of Occupation Double unveiled his new face which frankly does not go unnoticed.

He’s been in the media a lot less in recent months, he explained why.

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Jay Du with his friend Katherine Levac

Remember that Jay Du also recently reacted to a text written by his friend Katherine Levac

on the world of humour. She cheered up our day with a photo of her good friend Jay with her two handsome boys.
Jay Du Temple

Humour underlines Jay Du, is one of the rare forms of art, if not the only one, where the creators submit their fragments of monologues piece by piece to the reality test. A crucial procedure, but not invariably decent information, he identifies.


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