Jess Walton and Helen Reddy’s Friendship: The Actress is Grieving After Best Friend’s Death

Veteran Soap actress Jess Walton is mourning the loss of her beloved ‘best friend of 50 years’ on the anniversary of the passing of ‘I am Woman’ singer Helen Reddy.

The Young and Restless actress Walton has played various iconic roles in her career that are remembered even today.

The Australian-American singer Reddy left the world on 29th September 2020. Walton expressed grief over her friend’s passing on her 2nd death anniversary. She penned an emotional note.


Capitol’s Jess Walton Mourns The Loss Of Best Friend Helen Reddy

The actress penned an emotional note on Instagram sharing some of the heart-warming memories spend with the singer.

Jess Walton wrote that Reddy welcomed her with open arms in the city when she was new. They formed a strong friendship in a short span of time.

“My friend of 50 years, Helen Reddy. She welcomed me to Los Angeles when I arrived from Canada.”

Y& R actress went on to reveal that Helen Reddy even wrote a song inspired by her friends including her.

“She and I and our friend Kathy Roberts went to Women’s Lib meetings together. My name was Mary jess back then, and Helen wrote a song for the three of us. It was called “The Summer of 71 “ R.I.P. Helen.

Most Importantly, Reddy’s most iconic and revered song— ‘I am Woman’ became a feminist anthem. Just months after the song’s release, the historic Roe vs Wade judgment was given.

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Marriages And Children Of Helen Reddy

Helen Reddy was married thrice and divorced all of them. She married Kenneth Claude in 1961 and shared a daughter with him.

After divorcing him in 1966, Reddy took her life forward with Jeff Wald with whom she had a son. But they parted ways in 1981. In the same year, she married a drummer, Milton Ruth, and divorced him in 1995.


So, she was blessed with two children in her life— Traci and Jordan. Also, the children confirmed the passing of their mother through an official fan page on Facebook.

The singer was suffering from Addison’s disease and had dementia.

Jess Walton
Jess Walton (Credit: Getty Images)

Walton And Reddy Lost Touch But Reconnected

Jess Walton also told the fans that they became best buddies because they had a lot of things in common. Their respective partners also lived in the Bronx.

But she confessed that she lost touch with Reddy. However, they reconnected a few years ago and rekindled their friendship.

Helen Reddy was a huge part of Walton’s youth days and they had a friendship spanning 50 glorious years.

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