Joe Weller is Alive and Safe: Social Media Death Rumors Debunked

The popular YouTuber Joe Weller updated on his social media profile on September 28 that he along with his friend will go to the Amazon rainforest for 12 days. However, after many days, the fans didn’t hear anything from the YouTuber, thereby prompting them to believe that he might be missing. But, like most of rumours, this rumour is also false.


Joe Weller’ announcement

The 26-year-old Joe Weller took to Instagram to tell everyone about his journey with his friend. He also said that this adventure will be for an upcoming documentary series. He even noted that the documentary will release on November.

“Heading to the Amazon Rainforest today to survive in the jungle for 12 days straight and document the whole thing for our new YouTube series”, he wrote.

“We’ll have to hunt all our food, find water and build shelter. There’ll be no phone signal, so if you haven’t heard from us by 13th October then we’ve f–ked it”, he further added.

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How did the rumours start of Joe Weller?

The rumours about his disappearance and his not being okay started to circulate around social media when he failed to give any update on October 13. A famous drama YouTuber Keemstar even took to Twitter to give fodder to this rumour.

“Joe Weller MISSING? Fans are concerned Joe has been missing after a 12 day trip in the Amazon Rainforest. (It’s been 21 days) #DramaAlert has just started looking into this & will update as soon as we have more info”, he wrote on October 19.

Fans’ reaction to the rumors of Joe Weller

Many fans got extremely concerned about his health and took to Twitter to share their thoughts. However, many people advised not to look too deep into this and that this is just another publicity stunt. Meanwhile, some people got serious and prayed for his health.

“Bro is trying to build up some hype for his documentary, ain’t no one cares lil bro come out the closet”, one user pointed out. Meanwhile, the other fan commented, “Praying that @joe_weller_ isn’t actually missing”.


The rumour turns out to be false

The suspicion around him faking his disappearance grew as fans pointed out that the YouTuber liked his sister’s picture on October 18.

“Apparently @joe_weller_ is faking being lost in Brazil, he was caught liking his sister’s Instagram photo from 4 days ago. It is now the 18th of October and he still has not posted leading people to believe he is missing”, a caption read.

Finally, the boxer and YouTuber himself shared a picture on Twitter debunking all the rumours. He informed his fans that he is alive and that the documentary will be out on November.


“Alive. Video out in November”, the caption read.

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