Jojosorrell, A TikToker Shared The Strict Rules Between She and Her Husband, Which Goes Viral

Recently a TikToker Jojosorrell is getting viral on social media after she posted a list of strict rules she shares with her husband. And with this, the people over TikTok are going crazy with the crazy amount of boundaries the couple share. Let us take a look at some insights.


Jojosorrell, the viral TikToker who has strict rules between her and her husband?

Jojosorrell is a viral TikToker who is getting hugely popular on social media after she has shared the strict marriage rules between her and her husband.

And people with this are going nuts about the strange relationship rules the couple share.

In a viral Tiktok, a woman with the name Jojosorrell shared therefore explaining the strict rules both the couple share and abide by while attending Liberty University. These strict rules have also sparked disbelief among the audience, with many shocked by the number of restrictions and limitations both the couples have in their marriage.

Jojosorrell (From: TikTok)

While explaining to her audience on TikTok, Jojosorrell stated that she and her husband both attend Liberty University while also abiding by the boundaries of the relationship set by both of them as stated by the viral TikTok creator.

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What are the rules Jojosorrell has shared over TikTok?

Jojosorrell’s TikTok video outlines the rules that both the couple follow. The video basically starts off with the wife headlining the video: “Here’s some boundaries my husband and I have in our marriage as a married couple still in college.”

Jojosorrell then lists the rules that the couple share. The first rule begins with “We’re not allowed to sit beside the opposite sex in any of our classes.” The rest of the rules follow a similar trend, severely limiting the social options in the college environment.

While stating her second rule she states that she and her husband are only allowed to reply to the same sex.

The final rule which she states is that  “We try our very best to only have professors of the same gender as us.”


boundaries in our marriage while we’re still in college!!! #wifelife #libertyuniversity

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Is the couple facing backlash on TikTok after strict marriage rules?

These shocking rules and boundaries made people over the internet shocked by the limited nature of the rules, with many also throwing criticism at her on TikTok.

One user stated  “Boundaries or lack of trust?”, with another user stating “say you’re joking right now.” 

The amount of backlash the couple is facing on TikTok is crazy, with people criticizing their relationship and the rules that they share.


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