Jordan Capuchino, A Houston Man was Shot and Killed: Family Demanding Justice

Recently another shocking news that is gearing up in Houston town is the death of Jordan Capuchino. The death of the 20-year-old actor has so far created very shocking and curious suspense on social media where everyone is discussing and realizing what really happened in the incident.


Who was Jordan Capuchino?

Jordan Capuchino, a 20-year-old man living in Houston, Texas, United States killed and shot following with robbery which first took place with Jordan and his friends.

The incident first started off with robbery and therefore it took an ugly turn when the situation went really bad resulting in the man’s death.

How was Jordan Capuchino Shot and Killed?

Well, as per sources there is a whole story of how Jordan Capuchino and his friends were first robbed and then murdered via shoot. Killed outside in Texas with a robbery first that took place on Saturday.

The situation started off with Jordan’s friend who after his necklace was in the hands of the robbers, made Jordan follow the thieves to try to get it back but unfortunately, the robbers shot him. After the announcement by the doctors came, it became official that Jordan is dead.


The Houston Police Department officers are stating that Jordan Capuchino and his friends were in the club parking lot when three men approached them and therefore robbed one of Jordan’s friends presumably his necklace.

Authorities are so far searching the possible suspect for this case, by being fully operational.

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What is Jordan Capuchino’ family saying regarding their son’s death?

If any beloved dies in the family, it’s no doubt the mourning would be intense. Similarly, following the death of Jordan Capuchino, his mother took to Facebook where he gave condolence to his son after uploading a picture of Jordan.

She expressed her feeling with her captions by writing that she will fight for his beloved child and will move the earth if nothing possibly done. Her aggression towards the reason for her son’s death has made Houston police rise up to the top, she also stated that “they can know I won’t stop.”


Jordan’s family starting a fund me page for the donations

Jordan’s mother has made sure that his son is able to get justice and it looks like she is in full mode to do any possible even impossible thing for providing his son justice.


And therefore in this regard, she has started a fundraising page, her mother has set up a GoFundMe page, and has therefore aimed to raise $15,000 so to cover the funeral and other costs involved in this tragedy.

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