Juliana Nalu’s Previous Relationships Explored as The Instagram Model is New Girlfriend of Kanye West

Kanye West is once again in news but not for any bad reasons, but about his personal life, currently the actor is in news for his new girlfriend Juliana Nalu. And with the name, many internet people want to know who Juliana Nalu is. Let us explore this article to know more.


Who is Juliana Nalu, Kanye’s new girlfriend?

Juliana Nalu is 24 years old Brazilian model. She was born on October 17, 1998, to a Hispanic family. Her parents basically raised her in Complex do Chapadao in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She thus moved to California when she was only 19 years old, she is not only a model but also worked as an actress.

In 2016, Juliana won a modelling contest organized by TV Globo in partnership with Central Unica das Favelas. After then she moved to Los Angeles and also went on to star in campaigns for brands like Loreal, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters.


Juliana Nalu is the New Girlfriend of Kanye West

Well, well this news is very much true after dating numerous women after Kim Kardashian, Kanye is again in news for dating and having a new Girlfriend.

Recently the US rapper was spotted with his new girlfriend Juliana Nalu on their second date on Sunday.

Well, now it looks like the rapper has been enjoying his personal space with Juliana. Their most recent outing comes on the set of a photoshoot in Los Angeles. They have also showcased their PDAs numerous times.

But now it looks like the rapper is thus moving on with Kim as fans are noticing his closeness with his new girlfriend Juliana Nalu. The rapper has not left any women in the industry from Kim Kardashian to Julia Fox, the rapper is way more open when it comes to his relationships.

Juliana Nalu and Kanye West
Juliana Nalu and Kanye West (Credit: Backgrid)

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Juliana Nalu’s Previous Relationships

Well, believe it or not, but as per sources, Juliana Nalu has dated the Brazilian rapper L7NNON, before going into a relationship with Kim’s ex Kanye West.

They were very much close and some of their pictures were also circulated on social media which indicated their closeness towards each other.

Juliana Nalu and L7NNON
Juliana Nalu and L7NNON (Instagram/l7nnon)

Well, as per her previous relationships, there is not much known but the fact that she has dated L7NNON, the Brazilian rapper. But now that she and Kanye have grown both onto each other and spending a lot more than any quality time with each other, it looks like Kanye is now in a safer place with Juliana.

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