Kanye West Shares Hilarious Marvel Civil War Post & What Did He Say About Pete Davidson?

Kanye West lately shares a Marvel Civil War Post with fans on Instagram. It has influenced the to audience share funny memes online. Kanye shared many posts on Instagram that took a poke at Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend on 13 February. Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend’s name is Pete Davidson. Though, when he shared that people didn’t take long to start reacting to that posts.

Nonetheless, Kanye also shared several posts. But the Marvel meme picture grabbed the attention of many people.


Kanye shares Marvel Poster Meme on Instagram

Kanye West had shared a Marvel picture that displayed him in company with Julia Fox, Drake, Future, and Travis Scott. Meantime, on the next side were Pete, Kim, Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi, and Taylor Swift.

“The internet has still not found a decent photo of Skete,” Kanye wrote in a caption. Also, all the people who stood by his side. And on the other side, Kanye appeared to have some type of objection to the rapper.


For example, Kim and Pete have been associated in the drama. And after that, the couple disclosed they were dating each other. Kid Cudi, a rapper also appeared to get involved in it. Because he had been good friends with Pete Davidson.

For the time being, Billie lately argued with Kanye. After the rapper claimed she had made fun of Travis Scott in her concert. Lastly, Kanye and Taylor’s argument has been going on for ages.

What did Kanye West say about Kim Kardashian’s Boyfriend?

Though the rapper appears to have had arguments with many people. But the one person who was constantly focused in his posts was Pete Davidson. In the beginning sharing memes connected to the SNL comedian. To state he would never meet his kids and Kim, Kanye didn’t hesitate on his thoughts.

Simultaneously, Kanye looked back at the tattoo of Hillary Clinton. That Pete once had at a time and disclosed that the two had dated. Though, there is no accuracy in this. Aside from Hillary, Kanye also took a poke at Pete’s relationship with Ariana Grande and their breakup. At this moment neither Pete Davidson nor Kim Kardashian

has replied to Kanye West.

Social Media flooded with Memes

Kanye presently shares a Marvel Civil War Post with fans. And it has influenced fans to share funny memes online. Though people didn’t take long to create their memes. Here are some of the glimpse that has been shared online by people.


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