Karla Pardini Murder Mystery: TikToker Shot and Killed Call to Come Outside

According to recent reports, TikTok star Karla Pardini was shot dead near her home last week. She supposedly got a late-night call luring her outside of her house in Culiacán, Sinaloa. She was gunned down shortly after she went outside.


The full report

According to the mother of this 21 year’s Mexican content creator, Karla Pardini received a suspicious call at around 10:30 pm after which she left her home. She was then shot multiple times on Tuesday, September 20. When she didn’t return for a long time, her mother went outside and found Karla Pardini’s dead body. Karla Pardini’ body was found at the intersection of the Catedráticos and Ignacio López Rayón streets. After which, she immediately called the respective authorities. Witnesses also noticed the armed individuals before the 21-year-old’s death.

Sinaloa prosecutor Sara Bruna Quiñonez confirmed the news and said, “According to information provided by her mother, she received a call, went outside and that’s when the attack occurred.”


Why did Karla Pardini get killed?

Sara Bruna said that the case is currently being investigated as a ‘Femicide’. No other motive for murder is known yet and the culprits are yet to be arrested.

Quiñonez further told the media, “We have registered it as femicide because she was exposed and in a state of helplessness when the attack took place. We are carrying out the investigation with the utmost secrecy so as not to alert the possible suspect.”

Karla Pardini
Karla Pardini (Credit: TikTok)

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Who was Karla Pardini ?

Karla Pardini is known and famous for her fashion and Lip-Sync content on TikTok. She also occasionally posts her dance videos.

Karla Pardini has more than 88 thousand followers. On her last day, she posted about three videos one of which was a bit dubious. In that video, the caption was in Spanish and it read, “When they tell me they don’t like me. In short, I hope you like me less.”

The authorities, however, are not sure if the video in question is somehow related to the murder or not. This video clip has more than 1.5 million views on the app.


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Viewers mourn her death

Many TikTok users expressed their sincere grief and wished for the concerned family’s strength in these trying times. They also showed their hope in the ability of authorities in catching the culprits as soon as possible.

One sad commenter noted, “We live in a cruel world”. The other user, meanwhile, said, “So beautiful and with a full life to live. I can’t believe how bad people are in this world, may she rest in peace.”


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