Kayla Nicole Bailey died at 25, Basketball Wives Star Brooke Bailey’s Daughter?

Recently news regarding the death of the Basketball Wives fame Star Brooke Bailey’s daughter Kayla Nicole Bailey is going very much viral right now due to her daughter’s death only at the age of 25. The curiosity to know the reason behind her death is going way too high. Let us explore the article to get some insights.


Who is Kayla Nicole Bailey?

Kayla Nicole Bailey is currently trending on each and every social media platform, but due to her death only at the age of 25.

She was born on March 2, 1997, and reportedly has two siblings Shumecio who was born in 1998 and another one born in 2004.

Kaylan was a model and a Memphis Certified Hairstylist. She is also a business owner. She was best known as the daughter of Brooke Bailey among her fans, but unfortunately, she died at just the age of 25.

Kayla  Nicole Bailey
Kayla Nicole Bailey(Credit:Eonline)

Is Kayla Nicole Bailey, the daughter of Brooke Bailey?

Well, yes Kayla Nicole Bailey was the daughter of the fashion model, actress and business owner Brooke Bailey.

And for those of you who don’t know much about Brooke Bailey, she is a famous American Fashion model and business owner who basically came to light after participating in the reality show Basketball Wives.

After making her first appearance in the show Basketball Wives in 2012, the star appeared on the spin-off edition of the reality show titled “Basketball Wives LA”. With the growing seasons of the show, the reality star continued showcasing her appearance in the reality show.

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How did Kayla Nicole Bailey die at 25?

The reality television show star’s daughter Kayla died at the age of 25 and people over the internet are getting very suspicious and curious to know what made Kayla die only at the age of 25.

As per sources, Kayla Nicole Bailey met with a car accident in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Kayla as per sources already badly injured due to the car accident which led her life to end.

Kayla Nicole Bailey
Kayla Nicole(Credit:pagesix)

Therefore there are reports that claim that Kayla died from injuries sustained in a car accident. Her mother confirmed the news by posting it on her Instagram handle about the crash. “Forever my baby, Pretty Black aka Kayla. This is not a goodbye. Mommy will see you soon,” 

The reason behind Kayla Nicole Bailey’s death at 25?

Well, the actual reason behind Kayla’s death is not out yet, but as stated she died due to a car crash in Memphis, early Sunday morning.

However, after her mother mourning about her daughter’s death on Instagram, fans and her loved ones also mourned the death of Kayla with numerous messages.

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