Kent Carter, A Virginian Estate Agent Killed in Turks and Caicos, Girlfriend Confirms

A leading Virginian estate agent and NAACP leader —Kent Carter was brutally shot and murdered by alleged gang members.

The incident took place on Sunday evening in Turks and Caicos while Carter and his girlfriend were heading to the island for a birthday vacation.

As per the sources, the victim was in the car when a group of men with guns began shooting at them.


Virginian Realtor Kent Carter Killed

Kent Carter was a prominent estate agent from Virginia. He was also the current Vice-president of the NAACP Arlington Branch.

He was traveling to Turks and Caicos Island to celebrate his birthday with his girlfriend on Sunday. Unfortunately, the realtor was gunned down by armed criminals. Authorities stated-

“The suspects, armed with automatic weapons, opened fire on the vehicle Carter was traveling in indiscrim inately.”


The authorities are believing it to be a ‘targeted attack.’

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Two Became Targets Of The Deadly Shooting

Even though police claim it is three who are killed and five are seriously wounded. Two of them are victims and one is said to be from the perpetrators.

Turks and Caicos police commissioner Trevor Botting urged everyone to stay calm. Moreover, a local hospital was temporarily locked and people were asked to come only if there is an emergency.

The targets of the deadly shooting were American tourists who came for an excursion and a group of employees who were locals. Botting confirmed and said-

“It was committed by armed criminals in a vehicle. These criminals proceeded to indiscriminately shoot into the vehicle transporting the employees and the tourists. As a result of this attack, two persons were murdered, one from the local business and another being a tourist from the United States.”

Kent Carter was one of the targets. However, other victims are not identified yet by the officials.

Kent Carter Shielded His Girlfriend Alonia Williams From Attack

Kent Carter shielded his girlfriend Alonia Williams from getting shot. She revealed this in her statement to reporters. Williams was with Carter the whole time, when was brutally shot by the gang.


Family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues– everyone is grieving the loss of Carter who was also a father of one. NAAC Arlington branch poured condolences to their Vice President-

“NAACP Arlington Branch mourns the tragic and unexpected loss of our 1st Vice President, Kent Carter, who passed away Sunday, October 2, 2022, while vacationing abroad.”

Carter’s neighbors were also sad by the tragic news and expressed their condolences.

The government of Turks and Caicos claimed that the incident was rare and doesn’t reflect the whole island truly. They also assure that they will work to make the island a safe haven for the tourists and locals.


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