Kim Kardashian is suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis?

In this Met Gala, Kim Kardashian donned the iconic gown of veteran Marilyn Monroe. It was undoubtedly Kardashian’s way to tribute to the legendary actress. But some netizens don’t like Kardashian’s decision to wear the iconic gown. She had to follow a strict diet for fitting into the gown. Therefore, netizens also called her out for having such a strict diet.

However, Kim clarified that she was under the guidance of a nutritionist. Therefore, she doesn’t let herself starve. Besides she used to take plenty of water. But recently she gave shocking news to fans about her psoriatic arthritis. Thus, she has to suffer from psoriatic arthritis after following the strict diet regime.


Kim Kardashian’s strict diet leads to Psoriatic Arthritis

It was undoubtedly shocking for fans to know about Kim’s Psoriatic arthritis. Kim, herself reveals her suffering from the severe condition of psoriatic arthritis. Moreover, her condition is the result of following a strict diet for wearing Marilyn Manroe‘s gown. Thus, it reopened the debate between netizens about following the stringent diet. Besides Kim admitted to visiting “a rheumatologist” for her treatment.

She further conveys that she is now on ” steroids”. Besides Kim was unable to move her hand thus rheumatologist is treating her on steroids. Thus, Kim reveals that these all are freaking her out. People magazine has reported about this condition of the supermodel.


Kim wore Marilyn Manroe’s gown for the Met Gala

This year Met Gala witnessed Kim’s red-carpet walk-in Marilyn Monroe’s gown. But the dream of doing Marilyn’s gown at the Met Gala was not so easy for the supermodel. She had done a strict diet to fit perfectly on the gown.

Therefore, she eliminated the intake of carbs and sugar from her diet. She had indeed followed the restriction for three weeks. Kim had revealed that at first, the outfit didn’t fit her.

Therefore, she made up her mind to take on the challenge of losing weight. Besides she also reveals that it was like grabbing a movie role. Hence, she had the determination to get into the right size. Indeed, it was her sheer determination to lose such pounds so quickly.

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Kim Kardashian trolled for donning iconic gown

But she became the target of trolling for her strict diet. Therefore, she replies to the backlash she was receiving. She clarified that she was under the supervision of a nutritionist. Besides she was not also starving and keeping herself more hydrated.

Thus, she rubbishes the claim that she was giving the wrong message. She doesn’t let herself starve so definitely it was not the wrong message. Besides she was having a nutritionist and a trainer. Thus, she replies to trolls who are unnecessarily dragging her.


Moreover, she also adds that actors don’t face criticism when they lose weight for bragging roles. Indeed, they rather get an appreciation for their choice.

Besides netizens also got another reason to troll Kim Kardashian. They had slammed the supermodel to ruin the iconic gown. Further, there were before and after pictures of the gown on the web. This picture went viral on the internet.

Therefore, netizens troll Kim for touring the gown from many spots. However, the Museum owner rubbishes the news as mere hoax rumors. They further convey that the iconic gown is completely safe.


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