‘Kissing My Best Friend’ Trend Is Back on TikTok: Receives Mixed Reviews from Users

Kissing My Best Friend is back again. According to the company’s developers, an ancient TikTok craze has returned in 2022 and has taken over the internet in the past several days. If you’re using the app right now, you could see TikTokers kissing their buddies. Use the hashtag #kissingmybestfriend to capture their actions. Some people, however, do not seem to please with the new task. Several social media users express their dissatisfaction with the trend, stating that it should stop.


‘Kissing My Best Friend’ Trend 

Queer TikTokers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the trend in the comment sections of many popular videos that have emerged as a result of it. Accusing it of queerbaiting, the fetishization of queer women, and invalidation of queer people as a whole. The year 2020 marked the beginning of this trend.

As the name implies, the challenge entails one buddy kissing the other on the lips while another friend films the response of the person who kisses in the first place.

The viral challenge has prompted some TikTok users to post videos of themselves kissing their closest mates. Hailed as a lovely way to express your devotion to your good buddy.


However, we hope that the trend is to be in a consensual manner. Which may be charming since all persons involved are aware of the situation.

Kissing My Best Friend Tiktok Trend
Image: Kissing My Best Friend Tiktok Trend

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‘Kissing My Best Friend’ Trend Public Opinions

Many on Twitter have expressed their displeasure with those who took part in the kissing My Bestfriend challenge, resulting in a heated debate.

Even though some people believe there is nothing wrong with two friends kissing. Others believe the physical act is still improper, particularly if you are already in a committed relationship.

“That TikTok fad of kissing your closest buddy is quite problematic for various reasons,” one user tweeted. Hate crimes have targeted people due to WLW, and another is if your lover still cheats on you.”

“Perhaps I’m ignorant, but I’m perplexed why people are so upset over ladies kissing their buddies on TikTok,” said another person opposed to the practice. For example, it’s not the end of the world if you’re permitted to kiss your buddies.”


In the words of another, “the entire trend on TikTok of females kissing their girl best friends in jest as a joke is really nauseating.”

‘Kissing My Best Friend’ Trend Reviews

“These straight females want to make out with me and flaunt it all over social media for fun?” “I was labeled as nasty by my close friends for being attracted to women. Now, these straight girls want to make out with me and flaunt it all over social media for fun?” In the video’s overlay text, the TikToker typed something. The constant mocking and belittling until it suits these girls’ narratives to be intimate with women have worn me down. ” “Fuck everyone who employs the sound of the current fad.”


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