Knock and Run Prank Went Wrong When Mathieu van der Poel Assaults Young Girls

Cycling Star Mathieu van der Poel was arrested for chasing and assaulting teenage girls in their hotel room overnight. He followed girls to avenge them for pulling ‘Knock and Run’ prank on him.

The Dutch cyclist confesses to having assaulted the girls on the pretext of getting a good night’s sleep for his race the next morning. He admits that he is wrong and deeply regrets it.

The cyclist is found guilty and is charged with two counts of common assault in an Australian court.


Top Cyclist Mathieu van der Poel Arrested

According to New South Wales Police statement, Mathieu van der Poel was struggling to sleep when two teenage girls next door were playing the infamous ‘Knock and run’ prank on him.

The elite cyclist had UCI Road World Championships the next morning and needed a good sleep. After getting frustrated with the teens, he decided to take matters into his own hands.


The perpetrator waited for the girls— 13 and 14 to come back again for knocking on door. He then, chased them to their hotel room.

In the video, one of the girls is screaming as the cyclist is following them aggressively to their room.

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Knock And Run Prank Gone Wrong

This whole fiasco happened in Novotel Brighton Resort situated in South of Sydney. Mathieu van der Poel chased the girls and grabbed them by their arms thereby physically hurting them.

Further, he pushed them against the wall and started yelling at them. Due to the harsh encounter, one of the girls suffered a minor injury to her elbow.

Van der Poel grabbed the second girl who was trying to run away and pushed her against the wall. Later, he went away to his room.

Afterward, police came and immediately arrested the accused Dutch Star.

Mathieu van der Poel
Mathieu van der Poel (Credit: AFP)

Charges And Punishment Against Mathieu van der Poel


Mathieu was taken to Kogarah Police Station and kept there till 4 am. At the station, he was found guilty of two counts of common assault. According to New South Wales Police,

“He was granted conditional bail to appear at Sutherland Local Court on Tuesday 27 September 2022.”

However, t he 27-year-old cyclist entered a guilty plea before going to  Magistrate High Donelly. Hence, he was convicted and ordered to pay a fine of £915.


For his Men’s Road Race that was supposed to take place next morning, he resigned after not being able to continue it. He was regarded as one of the favorites to win the 267 km race.

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