Know Robbie Coltrane’s Ex-Wife Rhona Gemmell? How Many Children Did They Have?

Harry Potter’s Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane left the world at the age of 72. His legacy and cinematography will live on forever. Coltrane’s kept his personal life away from the media and was not wholly vocal about it. However, we know that he was once married to Rhona Gemmell.

The actor was well known for various roles but most notably for Harry Potter’s Hagrid and as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky in James bond’s film ‘Golden eye.’


Who Is Rhona Gemmell?

Rhona Gemmell is Robert Coltrane’s ex-wife. Their marital union worked for about a decade but the couple decided to part ways.

By profession, she is a pilot instructor and a sculptor. She has worked in various pilot-related studios such as Otago Steet Pilates and body control Pilates. Also, Gemmell has been accorded various certifications related to her field.

Robbie and Gemmell met each other in December 1988 when they were still in college. In 1999, the couple exchanged vows after dating for about a decade.

Robbie Coltrane and Rhona Gemmell
Robbie Coltrane and Rhona Gemmell (Credit: WireImages)

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How Many Children Did They Have?

The couple was blessed with two children out of wedlock. Robert Coltrane– Rhona Gemmell welcomed their first child Spencer McMillan in 1992.

Alice McMillan, second child, a daughter was born in 1998. One year after her birth, the pair tied the knot in December 1999.

There is not much known about Robert Coltrane’s son as he stays away from the limelight. But, his daughter Alice is a public figure and works as an actor.

Their small family lived in their native country- Scotland. However, the news of the couple’s separation came in 2003.

What Was The Reason Behind The Divorce?

Robert Coltrane and Rhona Gemmell decided to part ways in 2003 and filed for a divorce. The announcement was confirmed by their publicist who released a statement to Daily mail-

“It is amicable and there is no one else involved. They are apart and it’s sad. Robbie’s work takes him away an awful lot and maybe the age difference was playing a part too.”


The pair first met each other when Robert was trying to get over his first love and eventually fell hard in love. However, it too had to end.

The statement above indicates that busy work life of Robert which brought a distance between the two was one of the reasons.

But, the couple was mature and handled it well. Even after their divorce, the duo spoke about each other with respect.


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