Known Facts about Jamie Lee Henry, The First US Army’s Trans Officer

Recently the news regarding the first US Army Trans Officer Jamie Lee Henry is gearing up all around the towns and fans are wondering to explore some details about the first US Trans officer, but also some shocking things are all coming up. Let us explore this article to get some insights.


Who is Jamie Lee Henry?, the First US army’s Trans Officer

Jamie Lee is a United States Army Major and the first transgender officer who is an American and Caucasian. She is a doctor and a proud transgender officer.

Not with that, she is also the first known active duty Army Officer who come out as transgender and also with that she is the first and the only active service member who changed her name and gender within the United States military.

She even joined the army at the age of 17 and was working as an internist at Fort Bragg. As stated she has been treating wounded, ill and injured members from a very young age which has now become a 10-year-long journey for her.


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Jamie Lee Henry and her Wife Anna Gabrielian provided confidential information to Russia

Well, with the good news of the United States’ first Transgender woman, seemingly something bad is also there.

US Army Major Jamie Lee Henry and her Wife Anna Gabrielain were accused of leaking confidential medical information to Russia during the ongoing war against Ukraine.

The couple as per sources attempted to give confidential information to a Russian Embassy employee but instead, they handed it over to an undercover FBI agent.

Since Jamie held a secret-level security clearance at Fort Bragg and her wife Anna speaks both French and English, the couple thus provided the agent with medical information of patients at Fort Bragg hospital and Johns Hopkins hospital so to show “the potential for the Russian government to gain insights into the medical conditions of individuals associated with the US government and military, to exploit this information.”


Transgender Officer and Wife charged by the US govt for information leaking

With this offensive act of leaking particular medical information to some other government, both the couples charged with conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information have proven the fact that even after working as a main body in the US military, the couple has played with the trust of the US government.


If convicted, they can face a maximum sentence of five years for conspiracy and a maximum of 10 years in federal prison for the disclosure of health information.

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