Kortney Wilson: 10 Facts About The Master of Flip Star You Should Know

Kortney Wilson began her career singing country music over the past ten years. Some facts about the Master of Flipping start that people don’t know. She has been more well-known for her renovations than her songs.

Since 2015, Kortney has co-hosted the real estate program Masters of Flip with Dave, her husband of 18 years. Providing the viewers an intimate look at the reality of flipping through the show.

Although Dave and Kortney’s shocking separation announcement in 2020 threw doubt on the show’s future, for the time being at least, the ex-couple appears content enough to carry on with their collaboration.

Here are Ten facts about Kortney that people don’t know.


Kortney Wilson is a Child Star

Kortney was born in Windsor, Ontario on February 8, 1979. By the age of 15, she was already performing, with one of her first roles being Annie with Royal City Musical Productions in Guelph. By 19 years old, she was well on her way to greater success. She signed both a management and publishing deal and teamed up with country music legend, Reba McEntire.

Kortney Wilson Career in Music

Under the name Kortney Kayle, Kortney released her first two singles in 2001. The more popular of the two songs, “Unbroken by You,” reached as high as number 50 on the charts. A full album of material was never released, but she persisted in the business and contributed to the 2003 smash song “Run, Run, Run” by Ryan Tyler.

Kortney Wilson and Dave
Kortney Wilson and Dave (Credit: Getty Images)

She was let out of her record deal with Lyric Street Records in the same year that Dave Wilson, a would-be country performer, was let out of his. Even more curiously, it was also the year the two first met.

As The Wilsons, the duo obtained a recording deal with Open Road Recordings and started per forming together. Unfortunately, they failed to maintain a record deal any better together than they did separately and got dropped after a few years.


The Wilsons

The Wilson has appeared on television before Masters of Flip. In 2009, Kortney and Dave signed on to star in the eight-part, half-hour television series Meet the Wilsons. That followed the pair as they tried their hardest to succeed in country music. Only one season aired from September 2009 to May 2010.

Kortney Wilson and her Husband Dave

In 2003, Dave and Kortney first met and fell in love. Lennox Esmee, Jett Wilson, and Sullivan James are their three children, born shortly after they began their family. The pair announced in December 2019 that, after 18 years of marriage, they were regrettably ending their partnership.

Kortney Wilson and Dave (Credit: YouTube)

“It is with a very heavy heart that we share with all of you that after nearly 18 years of marriage, we have decided to separate,” the couple wrote in their joint announcement on Instagram.

Kortney Wilson’ Success through Flipping

Finally realizing that they most likely wouldn’t become the next big country singers, Kortney and Dave began searching for a new direction for their careers. They had already had some success with house flipping.

They had renovated their first house a few years prior and earned a $30,000 profit. Since then, they have continued house flipping on a part-time basis. After determining that they had just as good of a chance of succeeding at flipping full-time as they did at anything else, they totally committed to pursuing it to its potential.

Kortney Wilson
Kortney Wilson

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Master of Flippers

Kortney and Dave were approached by the W Network about the possibility of appearing in a new TV show. The show was about purchasing, renovating, and flipping after growing their business into a successful enterprise. Masters of Flip, the outcome, debuted in 2015 on W and gained virtually immediate notoriety.

Since its launch, it has received nominations for Best Lifestyle Program or Series at the 4th and 5th Canadian Screen Awards in 2016, and 2017. It is currently broadcasted on HGTV

in North America and other regions.

Giving up meat

Kortney is a pescatarian; while she is content to forego meat, her love of sushi prevents her from being fully vegetarian. “I enjoy sushi”. She reportedly said to This Mom Loves, “I could eat that four or five times a week. Greek salad, too. They are my go-to options”.

Kortney Wilson
Kortney Wilson (Instagram/allthingskortneywilson)

“Wine makes most of my Saturday night problems go away! an excellent wine. Actually, I’ll even drink cheap alcohol because I only need one glass to feel pain-free.”

Advocate for adoption

Kortney has always been passionate about adopting children. She once gave Dave an ultimatum about it when they first started dating. After their second kid was born, around two months later, she believed the time was right to carry out her plans.

Soon after, Lennox joined the family. Kortney is a vocal proponent of adoption who intends to utilize her position to enlighten the public about the procedure. She is now an Adoption Ambassador for the Adoption Council of Canada.

Choosing project names

In a Trento piece, Kortney admitted to the odd practice of naming her projects. Although to be fair, her justification makes it seem a little less bizarre than it might at first appear. “I give each project a name. Like Colorful Queen Annie, not like Pam or Elizabeth”, she clarified. It aids in defining the path so that everything moves smoothly from room to room.

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