Kortney Wilson’ children: Story of a Great Mom

Meet HGTV’s Master of Flip stars Family, Kortney Wilson and Dave together had two children Jett and Sully with an adopted daughter Lennox Esmee.

Kortney being an Adoption Ambassador with the Adoption Council of Canada, decided to adopt a child, when she met his husband Dave, she decided to adopt a child. TV show host and former singer, Kortney Wilson, has resided a life as a healthy and successful entertainment idol, mama, and spouse.

It was going to be part of her life and her plan, and the reasons changed and evolved but she was certainly glad she did.


Kortney Wilson faced complications at the time of adoption

Conscious of the adoption process, which would take some time, Kortney and Dave Wilson started the paperwork shortly after their two sons, Jett and Sully was born. They both were connected with a family that initially agreed to the adoption, yet, they had a change of mind just before giving birth.

The condition was tough for both families as Kortney clarified that the baby’s biological grandmother put it honestly, announcing a white woman would never be bringing up her grandchild.


Kortney and Dave began again their inquiry for adoption, which finally led to them adopting their daughter Lennox in 2009. Meeting Lennox as a newborn, Kortney says, she asked Dave what he would say to the first mother who agreed to keep her baby. His response? “I would say thank you.”

And even though she was not the birth mother, Kortney amazed herself as well as the hospital personnel when it came out that she was able to breastfeed her adopted daughter Lennox, and this gave Kortney the signals that she wanted to care for Lennox.

Both Mother and daughter proceed. to share their vital bond today, with Kortney recently sharing Lennox’s Black Lives Matter story on her Instagram.

“This girl in the pic that I’m holding in my arms is my daughter,” Kortney wrote in the caption. “She is precious to me. I remember every detail of seeing her in the hospital after she was born and wondering what I ever did to be so lucky to be her mom.”

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Shooling of the children

The parents of the three homeschooled their sons in their Nashville, Tennessee neighbourhood. Kortney and Dave Wilson maintain their passion for love and togetherness as one great household. The family together is leading their life peacefully and happily.


Happy Together as a family

They may be going through a separation and also struggling on a new series of Masters of Flip stars and home expansion pros, Kortney and Dave Wilson are no foreigners to each other to steer difference. Certainly, the two hosts of Making It Home With Kortney and Dave have a remarkable path title when it comes to flourishing off of transformative experiences.

Kortney Wilson
Kortney Wilson (Instagram/allthingskortneywilson)

Both at work and in their personal lives. In their mutual announcement, they both disclosed they still had love and admiration for each other, and that the split would not hinder their connection as a family. The divorce will be substantiated.


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