Kristina Wagner Shares Heartfelt Tribute to Late Son Harrison on Socials

The well-known actress and celebrity Kristina Wagner has returned to social media with a tribute. The actor shares a Heartfelt tribute to her late son Harrison on social media.

Kristina shares her sons Harrison and Peter with her ex-husband and her former GH co-actor Jack Wagner. Following her son’s death, she took a break from canvas and social media. But as her character is coming back, she is also returning to social media slowly.


Kristina Wagner shares tribute to late son Harrison on Socials

Kristina took a break from social media Since Harrison Wagner died. Harrison had a very tragic death as he was found dead in the Los Angeles car park on June 6. 

Since he died, her mother did not post anything on social media and also took a break from the canvas. Recently Kristina posted the first post since Harrison’s death which is very touching.

She posted a picture of Harrison grinning by the window of her car with two flower bouquets in his hands on September 3, 2022. The actor shared a heartfelt tribute to his late son.

Harrison (Credit: Instagram/kristinawagnr)

Kristina wrote in the caption “A couple of mother’s days back I drove up to Harrison’s place, and he greeted me, ‘Thank you, mom.'”

The actress tried to reflect on what her son would say about the support his family has given at the hardest time. Kristina further wrote, “thank you for taking care of my Momma. I carry Harrison in my heart forever and the joy he radiated to others. He was a unique man indeed.”

Even though the actress’s surprising return shocked her fans, they welcomed her with open arms and shared love and loving comments in her post.

An individual who works on GH wrote, “always happily remember Harrison riding through the halls of GH with so much gusto and joy, your beautiful young man.”

Kristina Wagner
Kristina Wagner (Credit: Getty Images)

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Inside Kristina Wagner’ personal life and Harrison’s death

The Last Post before Harrison’s death, son of Kristina Wagner was about the farewell to their old age home. They lived in that home for 25 years. She wrote in the caption that they will also miss that home so much with their heartwarming memories. They know there are many opportunities for joy ahead.

After some time she posted this farewell post, and Harrison passed away. The LA County medical examiner told them the devastating news of his death at 5:14 am on June 6. 

Kristina Wagner
(Credit: Instagram/kristinawagnr)

There is no clear reason behind his death but he endured a long-time of addiction before his death. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol just as his father was in a young age – Jack also expressed his concern about Harrison’s safety in 2016 revealing his addiction.

Harrison’s parents Christina and Jack married in 1993 and separated in 2006. They share two sons Peter and Harrison. Jack also has a daughter from his previous relationship.

Kristina is a prominent actress who played Felicia from 1984 to 2005. She is a soap actress who returned to General Hospital on a full contract in January 2021.


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