Kyrie Irving and Wife Marlene Golden Wilkerson’s Relationship Explored as They Welcome New Born

Brooklyn Nets’ guard Kyrie Irving and Fiancée, Marlene Wilkerson welcomed their second baby together this week.

The exciting news was shared by Nets coach Steve Nash on Wednesday, one day before the preseason game with the Miami heat.

Irving has one daughter Azurie Elizabeth, as well from his previous link-ups. Here’s his current relationship with popular Youtuber Marlene Golden Wilkerson explored.


How Did Kyrie Irving and Influencer Marlene ‘Golden’ Wilkerson Meet?

Marlene ‘Golden’ Wilkerson is a prominent Youtuber who boasts about 800k Subscribers on the platform.

She is an influencer who makes content on Lifestyle, beauty, and modeling. The 29-year-old star is also passionate about fitness and spreading love and positivity everywhere.

She and Basketball star Kyrie Irving were papped at the Invitational camp of the player. They started dating in 2018 and their love is in the air since then.

There were juicy rumors that the couple is engaged as the ring was sitting heavily on Wilkerson’s finger. It was a diamond ring with a 4-carat round cut. Hence, both were happily engaged in 2019.


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How Many Kids Do Kyrie Irving-Marlene Golden Wilkerson Have?

The pair has two children– one son, and the gender of the newly born is not available.

The 30-year-old NBA Star became a father for the third time. Last year in June, the duo has their first baby and were on cloud nine. Moreover, Marlene ‘Golden’ Wilkerson shared her pregnancy journey and birth naturally with the world.

Kyrie Irving and Marlene Golden Wilkerson
Kyrie Irving and Marlene Golden Wilkerson (Instagram/goldennn_xo)

Now, Kyrie Irving has one more addition to his clan. He also shares posts on social media describing his lady love and how his presence has affected his life. The athlete wrote-

“Happy Journey around the UNIVERSE Mama Bear,” the seven-time NBA All-Star began. “I love you and I am eternally grateful we get to spend our lives together. You have taught me so much about Balance, Love, Trust, Community and Forgiveness. 🥂’s to More memories and laughter with you.”

Hence, all seems well between the two. However, it is known, when the couple will get married or just stay engaged.


NBA Star Kyrie Irving Returning To The Nets

Star Kyrie Irving is in the final leg of his contract and will be free in 2023. Moreover, he shared his raw thoughts about all the drama that transpired-

“Being in the middle of it, it was kind of like a clusterf–k,” Irving said last month. All of this — all of the stories. We’ve come up with all of the narratives surrounding this team that it’s hard to answer every single question.”


While this was past, Irving is having a beautiful time in his life personally with his newborn child.

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