Lee Jihan, The K-Pop Singer’s Girlfriend and Family Situation Explored After His Death in Seoul Stampede

Lee Jihan, the singer, and girlfriend of K-Pop star Lee Seung Gi is currently in a difficult situation. After his death while performing at an event in Seoul on May 10th, there has been speculation about her relationship status and whether she was involved in any way.


Who is Lee Jihan?

Lee Jihan (born January 8, 1965), also known as Lee Jeong-hoon, is a South Korean singer and actor.

He is best known for his roles in the television series Mr. Sunshine (2003)

One More Time (2009) and I’m Sorry, I Love You (2014).

Who is Lee Seung Gi?

Lee Seung Gi (born October 6, 1988), better known by his stage name Lee Sang Yoon, is a South Korean singer and actor.

He became popular as a member of the boy group Shinee from 2009 to 2013.

In 2014, he starred in the film The Diva: Final Mana which won him Best Actor at the New York Asian Film Festival.


That same year, he released his solo debut album Mr. Simple which peaked at number two on the Gaon Album Chart

And was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Korea for over 100,000 units sold.

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Lee Jihan’s Family Situation Explored

Lee Jihan, the singer, and girlfriend of K-pop star Min Hyo Rin was killed in a stampede at an amusement park in Seoul on Saturday.

The death has sparked much debate online as to what should happen to her belongings and family members now that she’s dead.
Here is a look at the situation:

Lee Jihan was dating Min Hyo Rin, better known by her stage name Wonder Girls’ Yubin, for several years before they broke up earlier this year.

Following their breakup, Lee reportedly moved back home to South Korea with her parents

And began working as a vocal coach for SM Entertainment’s trainees.

It is not clear if she had any other significant relationships or commitments outside of work prior to her death.
Following news of her death on Saturday morning (KST), there were reports that Lee’s possessions – including jewelry worth millions of won

Would be auctioned off once authorities determined how much money she had left behind.

However, it appears that this process may have been delayed due to public outcry over the decision;


Many claims that such wealth should rightfully go directly towards those who mourned her loss

Instead of being divvied up among those who profited from hers alive.

In response to criticisms over the way Lee Jihan’s assets are being managed following his death

Officials announced last night (KST) that all items belonging to the deceased will be given away free of charge

to provide peace of mind during these.

Jihan’s family has denied that she played any role in the incident or knew anything about it beforehand. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough to clear up the matter completely.

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding what really happened that night…


and Jihan may not have all of the answers herself yet.

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