Legendary Guitarist Carlos Santana Collapses During Concert

Carlos Santana recently experienced a medical emergency during his late concert at Michigan’s Pine Knob Theatre. The news shocks fans as they send well-wishes and prayers in hopes for his recovery.


Video Footage Of The Incident And What It Shows

Carlos Santo apparently passed out on stage after introducing his song “Joy”. A video captured the American guitar legend being carried out.

The video was uploaded on Tuesday, the 5th of July.

Fox 2 anchor Roop Raj was the first to confirm the news on Twitter. His Tweet read, “Carlos Santana just passed out on stage at PineKnobMusic. Medical personnel on stage. Crowd asked to pray for him because of a “serious medical” issue.”

The medical staff immediately hurried to provide help as soon the Mexican guitarist collapsed on stage. They used a black tarp to partially conceal him.

Staff then wheeled him offstage, as he waved to the cheering crowd of fans.

Why Carlos Santana Collapsed

Carlos’ manager informed CBS News that the star collapsed onstage due to “heat exhaustion and dehydration.”

The legendary guitarist himself took to Facebook to confirm this piece of information. He wrote in the Facebook

post that he “forgot to eat and drink water” and “so I dehydrated and passed out”.

The Michigan show was a part of his Miraculous Supernatural 2022 tour with Earth, Wind & Fire.

It is now unfortunately canceled and his show in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on the 6th of July has also been postponed.

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Previous Health Scare of Carlos Santana

Earlier in December 2021, Carlos Santana even canceled his Las Vegas residency. The cancellation was due to a similar medical emergency.

He shared a video message with fans at the time explaining the situation. He shared that his wife took him to the hospital after he complained about experiencing discomfort in the chest.

“Just wanted to share with you some clarity with specificity what’s been going on with my physicality”.  

“There’s been rumors flying around here and there about this and that. So, I’m here to just crystallise and make it clear. Last Saturday I had an incident where I asked my wife Cindy to take me to the hospital ’cause I had this thing happening in my chest.”

His manager Michael Vrionis, also provided a statement about the situation. He confirmed in the statement that the legendary guitarist had an unscheduled heart procedure. Adding that this impacted his performance in Las Vegas.

Fans’ Reactions

Fans are extremely concerned about Carlos Santana’s health and are wishing for his speedy recovery. Here are some fan reactions to the news of the incident-

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