Lillian Carranza, A LAPD Officer Shares That She was Hospitalized After Her Fake N*des was Circulated

Lillian Carranza, a veteran Female captain of LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) shared a derogatory incident that occurred in her career.

A photoshopped n*de image of Carranza started circulating among the officers. In the lawsuit against the department, she expressed that it intend to ‘ridicule’, ’embarrass’ or ‘harass’ or ‘smear’ her. It tainted her image in the department robbing her of dignity.


Lillian Carranza – A woman in position of Power

Lillian Carranza asked the chief LAPD Michel Moore to notify 13,000 officers that the photograph was not hers. However, Moore declined on the pretext that it will create “a viral interest, human or otherwise.”

He went further to defend himself. He said that the notice could have escalated the scandal more. “It had the potential of becoming viral and leading to embarrassment.”

Lillian Carranza claims that the chief knew that the n*de image was doing the rounds among the officers but he did not address it. She got to know about the circulated image from a fellow colleague.


This incident depicts the sexist culture prevailing in the Police department. Women are often at the receiving end of it.

Lillian Carranza
Lillian Carranza (Credit: LAPD)

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Effect of The Scandal On Lillian Carranza’ Health

Lillian Carranza expressed that her mental and physical health deteriorated after the incident. She felt humiliated because of the topless photo made to look like her.

Lillian Carranza went through a depressive disorder when she got to know about it. On Christmas eve, she was hospitalized as her blood pressure reached high levels.

In the lawsuit against the Police department, the female captain demands compensation for the suffering. She has also put forward allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

Who Circulated The Image of The Captain?

The Fake image was circulating in various Police departments as Lillian Carranza’ photo. She did not receive the photo directly but was informed by a co-worker. She said,

“I noted that the facial features of the woman in the picture bore a striking resemblance to me, although the photograph was not actually of me. “In fact, I concluded that my own eye appears to have been photoshopped into the picture.”


Also, it is not available how many officers saw the image. Moreover, it is also not clear, who started sharing the image.

Carranza also accused the department of loosely handling the situation. In an emotional declaration, she said-

I felt hurt, abandoned, and devalued by my superiors … who took no steps to prevent known harm to me from occurring and who stood by and watched, encouraged or simply looked the other way as I was ridiculed, humiliated and degraded by fellow LAPD employees, despite my persistent pleas for help.”


However, lead Attorney Mark Waterman has dismissed these claims on various grounds. He claimed that their focus was on finding the culprit.

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