Lori Harvey Video Leak: Is Michael B. Jordan Behind This?

Lori Harvey is presently trending on social media, but not for her work or career.

For the unversed, Lori Harvey is the daughter of vet anchor Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey is a world-renowned anchor who pursued his quirky as well as ‘cool’ way of signifying his shows.

The purpose for her being a celebrity at the lead of the psyche of her fans is a leaked tape of an s*x tape.

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are trending on Twitter after her apparent intercourse tape spread online.

The video allegedly features her, who is now one of the most talked-about people on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Lori Harvey began trending on Friday as evidence about an alleged non-public tape made the hoops.

To be obvious, we have now not seen the alleged video, yet, no less than one blogger professed she watched the juicy clip.


Who Posted Lori harvey leaked video?

The person behind this recent likely rumour is a blogger.

The blogger contended to have seen Lori Harvey‘s private s*x tape and blew the public release of the tape.

He even contended to have confidential intimate video pins of Rihanna and another well-known female notoriety.

In the interval, there are several prospects.

It is very greatly possible that the blogger circulate this rumour to make money by attracting people into buying the alleged s*x tape from him.

However, fans are inexperienced to rule out the opportunity of a specific s*x video showing their favourite Lori Harvey.

The blogger who built this sample is said to have disappeared since then.

Public response on the potential s*x tape of Lori Harvey:

As foreseen, viewers have had a vast range of mixed responses to the recent situation.

While many followers were seen dripping saliva over the alleged leaked tape, others took advantage of the blame game, professing Micheal may have leaked the video in revenge.

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Lori Harvey’s response to this information

Lori Harvey has not reacted to the alleged leaked tape, but certainly, some fans are checking for Lori Harvey’s leaked tape download link.

Notably, Lori lately split with her actor boyfriend after a year of dating, referring to that ‘Michael grew up a lot throughout their connection and was prepared to engage for the long term,’ according to PEOPLE.

“They however adore each other,” the authority said.


“Michael evolved a lot throughout their relationship and was willing to commit to the prolonged term.

He let down his sentry with her, opening up emotionally in a sentimental connection for the first time. They had incredible times together and pulled out the nicest in each other.”

Harvey earlier relationships

She has recently been in a relationship, and her love life is not personal.

Her couple with Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan came to be a fan favourite, and many other couples approved them as their achievement fashions.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan
Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan (Credit: Getty Images)

However, the relationship did not last long, and they also divided in 2021, much to everyone’s awe.

The duo and their respective homes have publicly affirmed the breakup.

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