Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 23, Nadjha Day is Criticized by Fans: Here’s The Reason Why

The Casa Amor segment of Love Island USA Season 4 ended after the original islanders made their decisions in the previous episode. With this, the fans are slamming Nadjha Day after the 23 episodes of the season.

The recent addition to the islanders, Jeff and Nadjha Day, were married before Casa Amor. These islanders brought up all the drama, and fans criticized Nadjha Day after the 23 episodes.

During the week’s recoupling round, Day had Isaiah in mind, but Jeff ended up picking her. After the incident, she was seen crying right then about Isaiah. But later admitted she preferred Jeff over Isaiah and liked Jeff a lot.

In the Casa Amor episode, Nadjha got back together with Nic when they went to the villa. But as soon as she saw Jeff return to the villa by himself, her opinion about Nic changed. Jeff left Casa Amor without pairing with anyone. He hoped Nadjha would do the same.

Jeff thought Nadhja won’t choose anyone over him. But he was wrong. In the 23 episodes, Nadhja was seen avoiding Nic while she defended herself to Jeff. The way she played with both boys’ feelings made viewers hate her.


What happened in the Casa Amor episode?

The new episode number 23 of Love Island USA Season 4 depicted the fallout from Casa Amor. In the previous episode, Jesse, Jeff, Sydney, and Kat did not select a member of Casa Amor. But their ex-partners brought in new people with them to the villa.


They were all shocked after seeing their ex-partners with others. Deb and Kyle were the first to say yes, followed by Nadjha and Nic, Isaiah and Phoebe, Chazz and Bella, Courtney and Chad, and Jared and Chanse. The only individuals to rekindle their relationships were Timmy and Zeta.

In the latest episode, only Courtney and Chad appear to be enjoying their relationship after getting back together. Jared showed interest in Kat.

While Isaiah wasn’t sure how Phoebe and Sydney were connected. Deb moved back to Jesse after Kyle left the program for “personal reasons.” Nadjha was disappointed that she had chosen Nic over Jeff.

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What do fans say about Nadjha after the episode?

Jeff, since his arrival at Love Island USA villa, had been in trouble finding the right person. He found a connection with Nadjha and thought of giving their relationship a try. As a result of this, he came alone without anyone from Casa Armor.

While Nadjha, the expression has been bewildered ever since she arrived at the villa. At first, she was confused between Isaiah and Jeff. Now it is between Nic and Jeff.

However, the new episode showed that she regretted her decision to choose Nic over her ex-partner. She tried to express her viewpoint to Jeff in Episode 23. Jeff described it as “crazy” to discover her seated with Nic when he got to the villa from Casa Amor.

He put on a brave face, but deep inside he was shattered. He declared that he wished to introduce Nadjha to his mother. In the interim, Nadjha came under fire from fans who thought she wasn’t passionate about Jeff.

The fans took Twitter to slam Nadjha. While with all the brewing drama it would be interesting to watch what unfolds in the next week’s recoupling session.

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