Ludwig Ahgren Video Leaked: Popular Streamer Says He Lost Sponsors After Patreon Video Leak

Ludwig Ahgren is a well-known streamer. He disclosed that he had to part ways with a sponsor as a result of a Patreon video that had been leaked and exposed a bit too much skin.

Ludwig Ahgren is one of the most well-liked performers on the internet He’s become well-known for his elaborate live performances and world-record-breaking subathons. He then signed an exclusive contract with YouTube and established a solid—if somewhat erratic—a reputation for himself.


Where did he footage of Ahgren come from?

Ahgren recently made an appearance on an edition of the Cold Ones podcast. During the interview, he became a little tipsy, to the point that he felt like letting free and giving a particular body part a little hang time. This segment of the podcast was only accessible to Cold Ones Patreon subscribers and wasn’t posted on YouTube.


The uncensored clip was posted which crossed every line

But when the show’s editor asked Ludwig if he wanted this part censored, certain lines were crossed, and the uncensored version accidentally ended up being uploaded on the platform.
(The editor later expressed regret, and Ludwig explained that everything was OK between them.)

Sadly, someone posted the clip online, and the incident quickly made headlines. A few days later, the influencer discovered that his body parts were being discussed on Twitter, which made him feel a little uneasy.

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Ludwig Ahgren’s statement about the incident

“I think b***s are funny, but I have had the privilege for the entirety of my steaming career of being a guy,” he said. “I experienced in a very small way what it must be like to be a woman because I don’t want my b******k to be sexualized.”

Ludwig Ahgren Statement

Ludwig said, the incident has cost him a sponsor

Despite Ludwig’s positive attitude throughout the experience, it’s not always a cup of tea for streamers when these kinds of scenarios occur.

Most recently, Alinity talked about how the overwhelming amount of abuse she experienced following her own on-stream clothing accident caused her to fall into a very bad frame of mind.

“I will say, I did lose a sponsor because my n**s got out. A sponsor did back out of a deal because they saw that my n**s were leaked, and now they’re out. So that’s a little bit of an L.”

Ahgren stated it

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