Marie Tharp’ Career and Achievements Explored as Google Doodle Honours Her

Google Doodle honors the journey of Marie Tharp and people are thus loving it and are curious to know more about Marie Tharp. Let us explore this article so to know some more information about her.


Who is Marie Tharp?

Marie Tharp was one of the brightest minds in the geological and oceanographic cartographical industry. For those of you who do not know her, she was an American geologist.

She is even known in the industry as someone who created the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Dominating the oceanographic cartographical industry she made her real name by working hard and identifying the detailed layers of the oceans with topography and multi-dimensional geographical landscape of the ocean bottom.

Marie Tharp
Marie Tharp (Credit: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the estate of Marie Tharp)

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Marie Tharp’s Career and Achievements explored

However, if we talk about her career she pursued a master’s degree in petroleum geology at the University of Michigan, she initially at a very young age had a passion and interest in map reading and cartography.


However, talking about her work which included a precise cartographic representation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the discovery of the rift valley along its axis, etc.

She in her career had even worked with Bruce Heezen where both together worked for plotting and make the map of the Atlantic ocean floor, not with that, she also discovered the rift valley with more precise graphical representations of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

However, she also contributed to and attained numerous achievements and honors in her life which includes the National Geographic Society’s Hubbard Medal, the Society of woman geographers outstanding achievement award, the Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory Heritage Award etc.

She had achieved a glorious victory in the industry and dominated the man-based cartographic industry with her work.

Google Doodle Honoring Marie Tharp on her birthday

Google is providing a tribute to the leading lady in the cartography industry Marie Tharp with their Doodles. The app recently published a doodle depicting the life story of the legend Marie.

Therefore, today google honors the life of Marie Tharp with their Doodle with their animation stories, since on 21st November the world remembers the cartographic legend Marie, google doodle in this regard honored the legend with their amazing animatic doodle which created a greater impact on users remembering the legend.

With the immense work and the contribution Marie has provided within the industry from her contribution to the debunking of the continental theories to creating the first ocean floor map of the world, Marie was a true legend.


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