Mario Bonilla, A Teen Died and 2 Hospitalized After Car Crash While Getting Away from Police

Mario Bonilla, a 15-year-old Florida teen died after he and his two other teen friends stole a Maserati and accidentally crashed it on the dawn of Sunday.

The three teens in Pinellas County neighborhood, Florida were trying to break into a car that is unlocked for a fun ride. They found one such silver Maserati that had its key inside the driveaway.

Pinellas County Sheriff Deputies stated that their helicopter unit caught the youngsters stealing the car.


Who Is Maria Bonilla And Other Two Teen Suspects?

Mario Bonilla was a 15-year-old teen involved in the car theft and got killed in the early morning car crash. The other two teens are —  Keondrick Lang, 15 and Malachi Daniels, 16. These two are severely injured and fighting for life.

According to police, seemingly, one of the suspects will not recover from the deadly getaway. And the other one has serious injuries.

The boys escaped their home and started checking the car door knobs to steal the car from the neighborhood. So, after finding an unlocked Maserati, the teenagers stepped into the car and were heading at the speed of 80mph.

Mario Bonilla

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Police And Teens Car Chase

The Sheriff told that the youngsters were spotted by a helicopter unit. Also, the officials were aware that it might be a case of theft and followed the car. Even after attempting to stop them, teenagers took off at a great speed.

Unfortunately, the driver was not able to handle it and lost control of the car. They crashed the car into the side of a 62nd avenue building. Moreover, it flipped in the parking area causing further threats to their life.

Mario Bonillo was declared dead at the accident scene. While the other two— Lang has serious injuries but will recover but Malachi Daniels is in critical conditi on and might not survive.


Some Important Police Statements and Observations


Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri did a press conference at the site explaining the whole car crash. County said-

“This is what happens when you’re an inexperienced driver at 3:30 in the morning driving 80 miles an hour and you lose it,” He further added. “And unfortunately one has lost his life, the other one looks like is going to lose his life and the other has some pretty serious injuries.”

Moreover, since they were minors, they had no driver’s license. They were inexperienced drivers. Teenager Keondrick Lang was in the driver’s seat and lost control.

The parents thought that the kids were sleeping when they snuck out of the home at night. Hence, now they are traumatized by the loss of their children.

However, none of the teens has any criminal record history but they were earlier also held by police for causing trouble. As they were wearing all black clothing with masks on giving rise to suspicion.

Moreover, one of the teens’ parents even transferred him to a new school to put a stop or mitigate any criminal behavior.

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