Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband Perry Greene Reported She Cheated on Him with Craig Ivey and Justin Tway

Republic Congresswoman and Pro Donald Trump Marjorie Taylor Greene is allegedly found cheating on her husband of 25 years — Perry Greene.

Mr. Greene has filed a divorce petition after finding out that she cheated on him with multiple partners which include- Gym manager and Tantric sex guru.

On 28th September, divorce proceedings were initiated by Mr. Greene claiming that their union is “irretrievably broken.”


Marjorie Taylor Greene Cheated On Husband With Sex Guru And Gym Manager

According to the sources, the conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene was unfaithful to her husband Mr. Perry Greene.

She had sexual relations outside marriage with a tantric sex guru—Craig Ivey and gym manager Justin Tway.

Greene’s ex-employer at Cross-Fit gym, Jim Chambers, told media that the rep had affairs with multiple people. The first one was the tantric sex guru. Further, he said that she was not working for paycheck but to gain experience. Chambers added-

Sex Guru and Gym Manager (Credit: Instagram and Facebook)

“She socialized a lot with us. I remember one particular pool party where she was lying draped over Craig’s lap drinking a beer. “She was quite open about it. We all thought her marriage was falling apart.

Apparently, Chambers knew about Mrs. Greene’s failing marriage as he added-

“But then I took my son to her son’s birthday party and things seemed totally normal between her and her husband – even if they were a little lukewarm.”

Later in 2012, she got involved with 42-year-old gym manager Justin Tway while working there.

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Divorce Was About To Happen In 2012

Marjorie Taylor Greene wanted to split up with her husband Perry Greene in 2012 itself as she had an affair with sex guru Craig and gym manager Justin.

Likewise, the divorce proceedings were initiated in July 2012. According to the Atlanta divorce papers, Mrs. Greene wanted majority the of the assets and custody of their children.

But later, the couple decided to compromise and rekindle their relationship after reports of Marjorie’s break-up with partners outside marriage.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Perry Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Perry Greene (Credit: Instagram and Facebook)

Who Is Perry Greene?

Perry Greene is the husband of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Both tied knots when they were still students in 1995. Mr. Greene graduated in the year 1996 earning a degree in accounting.

He began his career as an accountant at Ernst and Young. Later, he became a manager at a construction company.

After coming to terms with the infidelity of his wife, Perry Greene initiated the split up with the republican congresswoman on Tuesday. However, the details and certain pleadings are kept confidential as it may harm the party’s interests.

But when the media outlets asked for a response from Mrs. Greene she dismissed the whole scandal as “Tabloid Garbage spread by an avowed Communist.”


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