Mathieu Van Der Poel’ Girlfriend: Who is The Dutch Cyclist Dating in 2022?

Mathieu Van Der Poel’s girlfriend and dating life have been the focus of attention lately. In this post, we will talk about her. Before we continue, let’s briefly examine Mathieu van der Poel. First, let’s review the basics. The Dutch all-rounder Mathieu van der Poel is often hailed as the sport’s brightest future in the mountain biking, cyclocross, and road racing communities.


Mathieu Van Der Poel’s Girlfriend

His longtime girlfriend, Roxanne Bertels, is currently in a relationship with Mathieu Van Der Poel. Also, Roxanne and Mathieu have been dating since 2018. They met at an event held by Porsche in Finland. Roxanne works for the company in its marketing department. Fashion blogger Roxanne Bertels lives in Antwerp, Belgium. In addition to her passion for food, she loves home decor and travels. Though she is two years older than Mathieu, her exact date of birth is unknown.

Mathieu Van Der Poel with Roxanne Bertels

Roxanne Bertels

Roxanne models in her spare time and works in Porsche’s marketing department. Roxanne’s ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle makes her undeniably beautiful. Models have all the characteristics that define them as professionals. Her health comes before anything else in her life, and she eats healthily.


Over 50,000 people follow her on Instagram. A protein powder and martini are some of the things she offers on her site. Although Roxanne is an introvert, she needs to meet new people as part of her marketing career. A career-oriented person, she is persistent and relentless in pursuing her goals.

Mathieu presented himself to her while in Finland on business. The couple fell in love right away and began dating soon after. Roxanne and Mathieu share similar values but have very different personalities.

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Roxanne and Mathieu

As Roxanne Bertels rose to fame when she dated pro cyclist Mathieu van der Poel. Also, Roxanne Bertels is Mathieu van der Poel’s gorgeous Belgian girlfriend, who rose to prominence this year through her staunch support for him.

Unlike Mathieu, Roxanne is a blonde from Belgium who is 28 years old, born in Antwerp. After six years at Porsche, she has now become an influencer.

Her family has never been revealed despite Roxanne’s fame. Roxanne posts pictures of her friends and boyfriend from time to time. However, she does not seem to enjoy engaging with them. Roxanne doesn’t speak publicly about her private life, perhaps because of her Belgian upbringing. At the time of writing, the couple has not been married yet.

She has uploaded several pictures showing her relaxing by the pool or at the beach. She donates blood occasionally and encourages blood donation on Instagram during this time. The dog she owns as a pet is Lola, a Shiba Inu (a Japanese hunting dog). In addition to this, she wears fashionable clothing. You can often find her posting pictures of beautiful dresses and clothing on her Instagram account. Mathieu’s stories are often shared on her Instagram account as well.


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