Meet Amanda Levy McKeehan, Wife of Musician TobyMac

Jamaican-American fame partner, Amanda Levy McKeehan, attained worldwide prestige after tying the knot with celebrated gospel musician Kevin Michael McKeehan, aka Toby McKeehan, better known by his scene name TobyMac.

Also, he is an American performer, songwriter, hip-hop recording artist, writer, and author who rose to attention as a Christian rap and rock band DC Talk member.

Moreover, her wife is famous for his hit songs, comprising Lights Shine Bright; I Need You, Lose My Soul, 21 Years, and several others.

Levy pulled the media’s eye almost after her wedding to a famous person.

In October 2019, all the media and journals surrounded the news of their firstborn kid, Truett McKeehan’s demise.


Who Is TobyMac Wife Amanda Levy McKeehan? Around Her Family and Parents

Born January 1971, Jamaica, Amanda is one of four children of Jamaican businessman Robert Levy and his wife, Judy Levy.

She virtually consumed her whole youth on the West Indian island.

Her mom and dad rose her in the state alongside her siblings.

Conversing of which, she has two three siblings Christopher and Stephen Levy, and one sister, Wendy Levy.

All four of them lived a fairly prosperous life as their dad was a large shot in the business community.

Apart from his business achievements, Amanda’s father is also the recipient of the 2014 International Humanitarian Award.


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Amanda Levy McKeehan’s wedding with Rapper Toby McKeehan in 1994

The gorgeous and aggressive woman, Amanda and the liking of her life, Toby McKeehan, looks to be very personal attitudes when it arrives to their private life.

Therefore, the two had not revealed when and where they met for the initial time and began dating each other.

Some references professed that the couple met in Amanda’s country of Jamaica for the initial moment.

Also, the lovely couple got fixed in 1994 after proposing for a few years.

After a bit, the lovebird dealt their wedding pledges in a personal wedding ritual attended by their family, relatives and personal buddies.

Since then, the husband-wife companions have lived a delighted married life in Franklin, Tennessee, the USA, without any announcement or rumours of divorce, where Deuce Gruden also lives with his family.

The excellent pair lived a happily wedded life for over 28 years.

Besides her private life, their gorgeous wife, Toby, does not remain active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Amanda Levy McKeehan and TobyMac
Amanda Levy McKeehan and TobyMac (Credit: Getty Images)

Nonetheless, there is a summary in the name of her fan page on Instagram sites. In addition to this, she likes to analyze new destinations with her wonderful household.

Amanda Once Felt Homesick And Decided To Leave The United States

Numerous of you might not understand this but in the initial stage of her wedding, Amanda began suffering homesickness.


This just led to one problem when she straight left their home in Brentwood, Tennessee, however for only 10 minutes.

Amanda remembered the time and opened up about how afterwards she stood on a curb. Over half an hour delayed her husband pulled up and unlocked the passenger office door.

Amanda jumped in and began suffering homesickness however again.

Thus sometimes later, Toby smashed his silence and said, “You need to stop telling me that you dislike America and that you want to take off home,” he told quietly. “Because one day I’m going to say, ‘OK, go then. Go home.”

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