Meet Becky Habersberger, The Instagram Star is The Wife of Try Guy star Keith Habersberger

The rumors surrounding Ned Fulmer, the founding member of Try Guys, cheating on his wife started revolving around the media on September 27. Fans want to know about Becky Habersberger, wife Keith Habersberger.

The group then confirmed that they’re getting rid of Fulmer after eight years of working together. Since then, the group has been the constant target of gossiping.


Who is Becky Habersberger?

Becky Habersberger was born on May 26th, 1990. She is a famous make-up artist and beauty enthusiast. Apart from that, Becky is also a podcast presenter.

She has more than 407,000 Instagram followers with the username “beckmecks2” in which she most frequently posts makeup tips and tutorials.

Apart from that, she is also a co – host of the podcast “You Can Sit With Us” which she does with the Try Guys members. In that podcast, she talks about current affairs, female companionship and the latest happenings of their lives with the friends of other members.

Her second podcast is with the wives of all the Try Guys members which is called “Try Wives Wine Time”.

Becky Habersberger and Keith Habersberger
Becky Habersberger and Keith Habersberger (Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Keith Habersberger?

Keith Habersberger is one of the founding members of the popular YouTube channel Try Guys. He has also appeared in various podcast videos.

Keith and Becky first met each other at Illinois State University in 2011. According to the sources, they started dating by going to wrestling matches and spending quality time.

They recently celebrated their 5 years of the wedding on 24th September.

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Becky Habersberger goes viral on TikTok

Recently, on October 6, Becky Habersberger, wife of Keith Habersberger, went viral on TikTok account named ‘Becksmecks2’ after she talked about the latest Ned Fulmer scandal.

In one of her videos, she said, I don’t have much to say at this time, but for now I’ll just say…”. After this, she made an over the top scowl face in front of the camera. This video became so popular that it garnered more than 5.4 million views in less than a day.



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Eugene Lee Yang, one of the Try Guys members even took to TikTok to do a short duet with Becky. In that video, Eugene is seen pouring two glasses of wine while he is staring at the camera.

Also, she uploaded a number of other videos as well in which she talked about the drama which she deleted shortly after. As an explanation, she said that she got a “genuine apology” from whoever that video was about which then prompted her to delete the video.

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“The things that you put on the internet are there, and they’re there forever… and people see them. Real people see them”, she further informed to fans.

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