Meet Cherise Trump as She Makes Fox Debut: Is The Advocate Related to Donald?

Cherise Trump, executive director of advocacy and litigation organization Speech First, came to Fox News Digital. She talked on the college’s orientation program. Also appeared on Fox News Channel. Who is she and is she related to the ex-prez?


Is Cherise Related to Trump?

No, it doesn’t seem they are related. Anyone who shares the same surname as the former president is sure to be frowned upon as a public figure.

More than 7,000 people have the Trump surname, according to name and ancestry website Forebears. It is most prevalent in the United States and has the highest density on Guernsey, a small island between France and England.

CTV News has a chart depicting the Trump family tree that doesn’t include Cherise. It also doesn’t appear on Vox or Wikipedia. And realistically, the Trump family is large enough to include people you’ve probably never heard of…but is Cherise a part of it?

She’s also not one of the “not related to President” American Trumps that The Guardian wrote about. There are about 5,000 Trumps in the US. It is about 1 in 70,000. About 900 in Germany. Over 500 in the UK.

The National Review writes that Cherise recently authored a paper for the American Enterprise Institute calling for the elimination of “biased reporting systems” from college campuses.

In a conversation with Fox News Digital, she spoke about the apparent lack of colleges mentioning free speech and diversity of opinion in their orientation programs. According to her organization

‘s own research, some universities more often refer to equality, diversity, and inclusion than freedom of speech, which she describes as “a big bias.”
Cherise Trump
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Then who is Cherise Trump?

Executive Director of Speech First, Cherise Trump is also a podcast host. Speech First is an organization that files lawsuits on behalf of students against universities that claim the organization “infringes on the right to free speech.”

She is also a podcast host. Speech First runs a podcast called Well Said, where Cherise interviews guests about free speech, higher education, and American culture and society. Her guests include professionals, activists, professors and students.

Prior to Speech First, she was Associate Director of Coalition Relations at The Heritage Foundation. In this role, she focused on defense and foreign policy, and immigration reform. She previously worked for Alexander Hamilton Society.

Cherise holds a Master’s Degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She is also a Rumsfeld Graduate Fellow. She previously studied at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Since then, she has attended and completed various scholarships and programs from Hillsdale College, the Claremont Institute, and the Hartog Foundation.

She has written for the Washington Examiner, Townhall, Newsweek. Other than that she most recently collaborated with Fox News Digital’s Kelsey Koberg on what the network calls college orientation programs “educating” freshmen.

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