Meet David Manpearl, The Person Who Helped Anne Heche After the Car Accident

On Friday (5 August 2022), in a peaceful neighborhood of LA, all of a sudden, a car crashed into a house with the owner inside it. It set both, the car and the house ablaze. The car was of the famous personality, Anne Heche. Heche remains in critical condition with severe burns, medical officials confirmed.

According to observers on the location, the car first wrecked into the garage of an apartment complex in Mar Vista.

Tenants of that complex tried to stop Anne Heche from further threatening herself and others there, but the actress denied it. Rather than getting out of the car, she put it in reverse gear and sped off, allegedly achieving speeds of 90 MPH before crashing into a nearby house.

After the crash, David Manpearl, another resident of the neighborhood near the house into which she crashed, rushed to the scene to help.

He stated that he heard a car go speeding by around 10:50 a.m. He looked out his window where he saw the car going about 90 miles an hour. After some moments, he heard a loud crash, he ran outside in his flip-flops. He knew someone was hurt.


His prior intention was to assist Anne Heche. However, when he saw the owner of the home into which she had crashed scared about her endangered pets, David Manpearl first confirmed that everyone in the huse was able to leave.

Before David reached the car, He saw the owner of that house standing barefoot in the debris in shock and frantically asked him to help get her pets out of the house.


David Manpearl’s interaction with Anne Heche

After helping the victim of Anne Heche’s crash, David Manpearl attempted to help Heche herself.

Manpearl tried talking with her a few times inquiring if she was okay. Anne was not responding to any of his questions so he had to get nearer. He was able to unlock the back door of the car and wriggled midway inside. This time when he asked the actress if she was okay and she denied it.

Anne Heche
(Credit: Sadra Clark from DailyMail)

He tried to speak to Anne again and caught it was getting smokey all in the car. The fires were now on his right and my left so he quickly made his way out of the car.

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David pulled Anne out of the car

The flames engulfed the car shortly. Manpearl had a sudden feeling that Anne Heche died. But he confirmed with the driver that he is dead. David noticed that she had burned. It took at least 30 minutes for the fire unit to extinguish the flames and pull her out.


He was surprised to find out that it was the famous actress Anne Heche.

Anne is now stable, said her boyfriend

Anne Heche was then sent to Hospital and reported that she has got burns but she will be okay in some time.

Actress Anne Heche is reportedly in stable condition after an intense car crash left her harshly burned and wounded in Los Angeles. Thomas Jane, who is an actor and former boyfriend of Heche, has submitted kind words after her accident.

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