Meet Gary Brecka as His 10x Health System “completely changed” Dana White’s Life

What if someone told you the exact number of years, you have left to live? This is exactly what has happened with UFC President Dana White. Three months ago, White came in contact with a human biologist and death expert — Gary Brecka of 10x Health system who can predict a human’s life expectancy. He does that by analyzing DNA and blood samples.

The UFC head has a number of health problems that are a complete headache in his life. Therefore, he became tempted to consult this doctor and find out about his death estimates.

The report was a shocker for White which prompted him to change his lifestyle and live a better life.


Who Is Gary Brecka?

Gary Brecka of 10x Health system is a human biologist and a death expert who can estimate the exact time period a person has left to live. All it requires for him is a DNA and blood sample.

Dana White was suffering from various health issues and wanted to take charge of his frail health. He came to know about him from Jake Ellenberger’s podcast. Later, White consulted the death expert as he was curious and more eager to know the details.


Within a month, Brecka is able to estimate a person’s left life expectancy from the blood and DNA reports.

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How Many Years Does Dana White Has Left To Live?

As per Gary Brecka’s report, White has 10.4 years left in his lifespan. Moreover, the expert shared everything that was going wrong in his life. Not only this, he was able to tell some secrets too that White did not tell anyone in his life.

This revelation made him believe the report and change his life for good. White disclosed that-

Gary Brecka
Gary Brecka (Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

“They do these tests on you and they know when you’re going to die. I became obsessed, he gave me 10.4 years [to live] and it completely changed my life.”

White added that Brecka even warned him about his health-

“if you keep doing what you’re doing right now and you stay on this trajectory, you’ve got 10.4 years’. I was like, ‘f***’. When we did [the tests], I was 52, so it took me to 62. He said, ‘you do exactly what I tell you do for 10 weeks and I guarantee you I’ll change your life.”


How Death Report Changed Dana White’s Life?

Before, the UFC President was not able to even put on his socks in the morning. Now, his health life has taken a complete turn.

White’s dietary habits have changed as per Gary Brecka’s advice. It includes a Keto diet. Moreover, he is able to lose 30 pounds and has abs on his muscular physique.

However, these are the only details available about the health recommendations given to White. But, it has impacted his life to great extent.


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