Meet Gia Casey, Wife of DJ Envy as They Discussed Their Upcoming Book about Their Relationship

DJ Envy and Gia Casey, Wife of DJ Envy are celebrating their marital time that has completed 20 years. Just like many other couples they also faced complexity in their marital life but still never gave up. Therefore couples have launched their new book where they talk about the value of a real relationship.

Through this book, they try to guide couples to not give up easily on their relationship. Although DJ Envy and Gia Casey faced lots of storms in their relationship they never parted ways. Hence the couple decided to launch a book that will narrate their experience of saving their troubled relationship.


The Book dedicated to the couples DJ Envy and Gia Casey

The sensation couple of the music industry has turned to an interview to discuss their recent book. During the interview, the couple did not shy away from speaking about their personal life. As they have successfully sorted out their relationship issues, they want to assist other couples.

The couple had made trouble in their relationship including the sensational infidelity scandal. Thus they feel that people can still stay strong in their relationship and survive the storm. Their book ” Real Life, Real Love” gives the details of their relationship crisis and the way they overcome it.


They married each other in 2001 and were enjoying their married life. However, DJ Envy gets into adultery and cheated on her wife which deteriorates their relationship. But later DJ Envy realized his mistake and then the couple mutually decided to save their relationship.

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Let’s talk about the anticipated book!

During the interview, the couple went on to express the central idea of their upcoming book. They express their empathy for the couple who are finding it difficult to manage their relationship. They have faced so much disturbance and have overcome it. Thus they want to assist other couples who are in the same boat of marital trouble.

Meanwhile, during the press conference, they were candidly expressing the highs and lows of their married life. The couple was once high school lovers and later they decided to marry and live a blissful life. After facing infidelity, their marriage was on the verge of breaking. But when Envy apologizes to her publicly, she readily accepts it and they mend their differences. Thus Gia expresses that if the couple has unconditional love, they must prioritize their relationship. Therefore the book throws light on dealing with challenges and preserving the wonderful relationship.

DJ Envy and Gia Casey
Image: DJ Envy and Gia Casey(from Instagram/@Gia_casey)

It’s important to preserve the unconditional bond

The book starts by covering the most controversial infidelity scandal and Envy’s later public apologies. The couple were having happy blissful life enjoying parenting their 5 kids. Despite the huge success that comes on the way of DJ Envy, he was having a great family life.

But he later committed the biggest blunder of his life by doing adultery. But he soon realized and deliver a public apology to her beloved wife. Gia can easily call it to quit but rather she decides to forgive her husband

. Therefore through their book, they try to inspire other couples in their marriage life.

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