Meet Lauren Dungy, Wife of Tony Dungy: Their Age, Career and Married Life Explored

Get to know it all, about Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy. Their age, career, and married life. Also, why are they in the public’s eye now? Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy appeared on The Today Show, this Tuesday which was 9 August 2022. At the talk show, they promoted their new book ‘Uncommon Influence: Saying Yes To A Purposeful Life.

The couple has together co-authored several books together. On The Today Show, they discussed their newly released co-authored book(Uncommon Influence: Saying Yes To A Purposeful Life). They talked about a fulfilled and purposeful life.

This book was yet another they co-authored, earlier they had released a series of children’s books. Along with that, they also released, their 2014 memoir Uncommon Marriage: Learning About Lasting Love And Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Together.

On asked about the writing process, Lauren Dungy said ”it’s a labor of love”, further adding on, ”It’s a lot of work, but we enjoy that process”.


Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy’s age

Lauren Dungy is currently 65 years old. While Tony Dungy is 66 years old.

Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy’s married life


Lauren and Tony, met at a local church in Pennsylvania, Tony was giving a speech there. She was a high school teacher back then, and they both were introduced by the church’s reverend at the time. Soon, a year later they got married to each other at the same church.

They both got married on June 19, 1982, they have been married for four decades, recently they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary together.

Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy
Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy (From: Twitter)

Coincidentally, they got married on Father’s day, Tony Dungy also shared a throwback picture of their wedding on his Instagram. The picture was shared to commemorate their wedding.

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Their family and daily life

Lauren and Tony are parents to 11 children. Some of them are adopted while the rest are fostered.

The couple has some basic steps that they take every day. This includes, getting up, and praying before stepping out of bed and then starting the daily routine. And go on with the daily chores.

They pray for each other, their family, their household, and for what God might be calling them to do every day.

Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy’s career

Lauren is a former school teacher and now uses her experience in education as a Sunday school teacher. She serves on the staff of The Central Tampa Baptist Church.


Both, Lauren and Tony run a non-profit foundation, which is The Dungy Family Foundation. They both founded the foundation together. Lauren is also the vice president of the same foundation.

Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy
Lauren Dungy and Tony Dungy (Credit: Today)

Tony Dungy works on many projects, one of them being iMom. And Lauren is an ambassador there. iMom is an outreach of Tony’s organization Family First. The organization focuses on guidance and support on ”parenting, marriage and relational truth”.

Tony is a retired NFL coach. He is a broadcaster on NBC’s ”Sunday Night Football”. He is also the first African American head coach to win the Super Bowl.

They both describe themselves as ”born again” Christians who attend nondenominational evangelic churches in Tampa, Florida, and in Eugene Oregon. They spend a major part of their summer there.


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