Meet Mr Traumatik who got cancelled after a homophobic tweet on Twitter?

Recent news has created a greater buzz on social media after Mr Traumatik the UK rapper’s homophobic slur on Twitter which git him cancelled. Let us explore this article to get down to find out the reason behind his cancellation.


Who is Mr Traumatik, the so-called controversial guy?

Mr Traumatik is a well-known controversial guy in the industry. Mr Traumatik whose real name is Marcus Coakley is a Drum and Bass artist from Wales, UK.

Known in the industry as one of the most controversial artists with lyrics ranging from controversial, sexual and raps revolving about real-world problems.

Considered a great cult icon in the Jump Up and wider Drum and Bass circles. He spent four years at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Music Management.

He has also spent some time writing lyrics for the likes of Cardi B and Stefflon Don in his early career.

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Mr Traumatik cancelled on Twitter Why?

Well, the reason behind his cancellation goes back to Monday, October 10 when Mr Traumatik posted a tweet that included a homophobic slur

, the tweet created a greater deal of aggression and buzz among fans.

The homophobic slur the rapper tweeted on his social media platform Twitter generated a great deal of hate towards him from his fans, which therefore lead to the MC being cancelled.

Due to the UK rapper’s homophobic slur on Twitter and with the recent Twitter ban, the rapper has deleted all his social media accounts. But that too has not stopped critics and fans from commenting on his homophobic slur.

Many people have expressed their thoughts on the rapper’s recent tweet stating “There is no space for behaviour like this in the drum&bass scene”

Mr Traumatik dropped from the Rolling Meadows festival after using a homophobic slur

Now, the UK rapper dropped from the South Island music festival Rolling Meadows after the recent homophobic Twitter slur.

Since scheduled to play at Rolling Meadows with producer DJ Frenzee, but now the organisers confirmed on Tuesday that they had “taken action with cancelling his performance at Rolling Meadows”. Therefore this move followed a decision from a promoter in the United Kingdom to cancel the artist’s show.


Organisers also tweeted by stating:

“As most of you will be aware Mr Traumatik made a disgusting homophobic comment on Twitter last night,” Bath venue Moles tweeted.

“As the promoter of his UK tour we gave him the chance to apologise, and he has refused to do so.


“With this said we have removed him from all upcoming shows.”

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