Meet Spencer Neville, Rumored Boyfriend Of Lili Reinhart After Pics from 2022 Coachella

Recently a rumor is surfacing about a new relationship of Lili Reinhart’s. Netizens are curious to know about their love life of Reinhart. As Spencer Neville and Lili Reinhart have a gala time together at the Coachella event. The fans were happy to see their cozy pictures together. The duo has a great time together during the afterparty. Spencer was seemingly protective of the actress shielding her from shutterbugs. Since then fans are busy speculating that something is brewing between them.


About the recent rumor :

The rumor started after they have fun together and were captured in a cozy way at Coachella. As Lili Reinhart had recently a breakup, fans are curious to know the entry of a new man. They are happy to see the recent cozy snaps of Lily with Spencer. Since the viral afterparty snaps, fans are rooting for their love. Also, some insider has told us that Lili’s friends are also happy about their bond. Frankly speaking, everyone is liking the possible development of their bond. But as of now, there is no proof of the ongoing rumor. Besides Lili Reinhart has not included a picture of Spencer in her Instagram

post of the Coachella event. Therefore netizens are waiting for any confirmation about the rumor.
Spencer Neville and Lili Reinhart
Image: Image: Spencer Neville and Lili Reinhart after 2022 Coachella

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Fans are wondering about the rumor of dating!

Lili Reinhart was earlier dating the Disney star Cole but they have a break up in March. But the former couple has ended the relationship on a good note. After the breakup, Cole has all good things to say about her then-girlfriend. He had rejoiced in the time spent with her and wished her the best for life. They have a compatibility issue but still, respect one another. Besides, he also clarifies that there is no negativity in their bond. Moreover, he is currently sharing a relationship with Arti Frontier.

Some insight into the new rumor of dating in Hollywood

There is a widespread rumor surfacing after the fun weekend of Coachella. However, Lili Reinhart has not given any confirmation about the expected relationship. But her seeming chemistry and holding hand of Spenders speaks about their bond. Undoubtedly the pictures are eye candy for the fans who are now shipping them. Recently the snaps of them are doing rounds on the web for the obvious reason. During the music festival, they were constantly sticking to one another enjoying the party. Even Spencer can be seen putting his hand over the actress’s head to protect her. According to the source, after the actress’s breakup, she is now really into this bond. Therefore we are hoping for the best for the emerging bond between them.

After the viral pics of sizzling chemistry, fans are getting crazy. Various fans are using social media to express their excitement about the latest rumor. The music festival got lots of coverage from the paparazzi. But one thing that leave fans awestruck was the closeness brewing between the two famous Hollywood stars. The netizen even search out that the alleged couple is now followers on Instagram. Lili looked very enthralling in the musical event with her chic look.

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