Meet Zorana Barger, Wife of Hells Angels’ Late Founding Member Sonny Barger

Meet Zorana Barger wife of Sonny Barger, biker outlaw and founder of Hells Angels, who has died aged 83. This information was provided in a statement posted on his Facebook page on the 30th of June.


The Cause and Announcement of His Death

The statement on the page read, “If you are reading this message, you’ll know that I’m gone. I’ve asked that this note be posted immediately after my passing”. The post goes on to further provide a summary of Sonny’s short-lived battle with cancer during which he had the support of loved ones, like his wife Zorana Barger.

As of now, no other details of his passing have been provided so far except for its cause. This comes as a shock for many. Because for decades, people saw him as the pioneer and the representative of the stocky, bearded biker culture. A culture that is often glorified and romanticized in media and literary works ever since its conception.

Zorana Barger
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The Outrageous Sonny Barger and His Many Adventures

People’s description of him was that he was, equal parts a brawler, a bully, a rule-breaker, and a shrewd purveyor of his own outlaw mystique. Barger was the founder of the original Oakland, Calif., Angels chapter in 1957 which was a rowdy, anarchic brotherhood. The brotherhood’s characterizations were machismo, tattoos, booze, and dope. Harley-Davidsons were their choice of vehicle on their unruly open road journeys.

Woven into the Hells Angels, was a tradition of crime and violence much of it involving Mr. Barger, a fact he took pride in. He once referred to himself as belonging to a band of “card-carrying felons”. He also encouraged people to discover their limits by exceeding them. Through the years he was a convict of cocaine addiction, murders, and conspiracies. He even faced a sentence for assorted drug and firearm charges.

Zorana Barger
Credit: Ted Soqui/Neville Elder/Corbis via Getty Images

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His Current Wife Zorana Barger and Who She Is

His current wife Zorana (whom he marries in 2005) also shares his love for Motorbikes. IMDB credits her as an actor and producer of a motorcycle-themed movie. She is also a writer and co-writer for a motorcycle-themed children’s book series.

As of 2022, she is 63 years old. This would mean that there is a 20-year age difference between her and Sonny Barger. The pair have an ongoing marriage of 17 years that has lasted until Sonny’s recent death.


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