Megan Fox and MGK Break Up Rumors Were Shut Down By Megan: Her Tribute To The Singer

Recently there was a rumor surfacing about Megan Fox and MGK calling off their relationship. People were speculating about their breakup after their red carpet appearance. However, their birthday tribute to Megan has shut all the rumors of Megan Fox and MGK breaking up. Megan has posted a birthday post dedicated to his boyfriend. She shares her overwhelming feeling for her amazing boyfriend.


There is no truth to the ongoing rumor !!

It was a heartbreaking moment for fans to hear about the rumor of a breakup. Undoubtedly Megan and MSG make an amazing couple and people love them. However few fans doubt their break up after viewing the rep carpet event. Of course this time also the assumption of fans turn to be wrong. Although the couple has not talked about the breakup rumor. But the recent birthday posts dedicated to MGK have put all the speculation to rest. Megan Fox has put her heart out in her birthday post for her love. She gets candid in her tribute to the famous singer. Megan further reveals the beautiful character traits of her boyfriend. She is thankful for getting such a wonderful boyfriend in her life.


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Fans rejoice as the power couple is still together!

Fans love to see their icon on the red carpet, this time they find something unusual between the couple. Often celebrities become subject to unusual assumptions by the people. Similarly, there was ongoing speculation that Megan and MGK are having trouble in their relationship. But after Megan has written a heartfelt, it is clear that nothing as such is happening. Her post also hinted at her good equation with MGK’s mom. In her appreciation post, she has mentioned everything she adores about MGK. She reveals how she feels honored to have him in her life. She even posted a snap that reflects their beautiful PDA moments. Therefore it is clear that they are growing strong as a couple. And fans are wishing them to be together forever.

The beautiful relationship of the couple !!

After shutting the breakup rumor, fans are now celebrating the relationship of the couple. Megan is having a deep respect for her boyfriend and she is quite vocal about her love. Recently on the red carpet, when MGK looks quite upset, fans started predicting the breakup. Now everything gets clear as Megan showcases her love in a birthday tribute. As we are rejoicing the news, let’s have a look at the relationship of the couple.

Megan Fox and MGK
Image: Megan Fox and MGK(from Instagram/meganfox)

The couple makes a perfect soulmate with their sizzling chemistry. Megan has found love in him after her marriage ends. Recently when MGK came to the red carpet along with his daughter, there were rumors of their breakup. But now gets the clear evidence that everything is going well between them. Undoubtedly MGK is a doting father who visited the red carpet along with her daughter.

But some fans started believing the splits between their favorite couple. Hence the social media post was a great relief for the fan who is shipping them. Besides the couple is having a great time together that they share on the IG platform. Even the kids of the couple from their past relationship are having great terms with them.


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