Megan Kulikowski, A Ohio Cafe Worker Saves Choking Student’s Life

There is a phrase ‘God comes with human faces’. This phrase has been proved correct by Megan Kulikowski, who is a cafeteria worker at the Padua Franciscan High School.

Everybody is praising Megan for her benevolent actions as she saves the choking student’s life at the same school she works for. The mom of two, Megan Kulikowski is taking pride in what she did as a cafeteria worker and mom.


Megan Kulikowski saves Choking student’s life

Megan Kulikowski works as a cafeteria worker at Padua Franciscan High school. The mom of two saved a little girl’s life by understanding her problem with the signs. 

Megan Kulikowski developed a strong bond with the children at school as the cafeteria staff saw them for half of the day. Whether it’s the school’s Famous chips or the long line of innocent children, they take pride in their job.

Megan Kulikowski says that you really do grow a bond with them and you know them personally and you just want to make sure they are all taken care of.


Here, the benevolent lady changed the meaning of ‘taken care of way too far.

Megan Kulikowski continues and tells the story of how the girl’s airway was choked and she took care of her. Back on September 1, Kulikowski was at the register ringing and she had students coming up a girl came up to the side and she was kinda surprised to see her.

Megan Kulikowski read the teenage girl’s face and understood that something was wrong with her and she needed help. Megan could hear her mumble ‘help’, but you could tell it was struggling.

Megan Kulikowski

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Megan Kulikowski yelled for help

As Megan heard the girl mumbling help, she just forgot everything and focused on how she could help her. Kulikowski started yelling for help and threw her arms around the girl.

Megan Kulikowski says that honestly, she did not even have time to think of what it could have been. She just knew they had to help her and get whatever it was out. Megan was totally caught by surprise when she looked at the ground and it was a bottle cap from a water bottle.

The matter was that the girl had been chewing the cap off and it choked her airway. As soon as she knew this, she dislodged the cap from her airway and offered her some water to drink and breathe.

Megan Kulikowski

Then she took her to the school nurse. The girl said thank you and she wanted none of the attention and just wanted to go back to class.

Everyone started to praise Megan for her Swift actions and helpful nature. Kulikowski said that she is taking it all in, she is greatly appreciative but again she doesn’t feel like she did anything else that these other women would not have done.

The girl’s parents were also grateful to the cafeteria staff of the school to show such love and compassion.


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